Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Existence Never Existed

TIME dissolves, hangs in mid air,
Like a pendulum waiting to complete,
Its ever so unaltered, unchangeable path,
Life has to revolve on its own accord,
SPACE between us remains the same,
WINDS have rusted our shadows in tears,
Of bronze and gold, eyes have withered,
Life of notes and verses never rhymes,
Rays of SUN haven’t changed its path,
With time it has outshined, outlined divine,
Holy EARTH embedded with spilled blood,
Smells the same when droplets of WATER,
Whispers to the downtrodden souls,
NATURE finds an alternate path to shine,
Like FIRE illuminating red and orange,
Covering the surface of sun like a helping hand,
Fire keeps igniting, lighting its unaltered path,
Life keeps evolving with the pendulum of time,
ELEMENTS withhold their unchangeable paths,
Souls into ashes, a part of the holy earth,
Nothing changes as the world seems the same,
No more than a breeze melting in thin air,
Our life never existed, rusted with time,
Life keeps revolving on its own accord.

Birth and death is a process, a path that cannot be changed, altered. We all live and then become a part of this holy earth. What I have tried to shown here is that in the end we all have to die, turn into ashes and never exist. But life doesn’t stop, time keeps ticking and so does the life of the people around us. Nature and life keeps evolving. Our existence never mattered, never existed. There is no preaching or anything involved in this piece of work. A simple process of life and death. That life and nature keeps evolving and time never stops.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

True Identity

Been crushed, mistaken, blamed,
For my very own identity,
Holding that single visible thread,
That keeps the sane world in reach,
Behavior of people close to me,
Has affected me, I’m a changed man,
Hard to see when darkness breaches,
Claims to be my savior, engulfs me,
I’m no human being, hard to believe,
Claws of my shadow has coaxed me,
Into undeniable atrocities,
Long back crossed the outline of madness,
Finally found my true identity,
There is darkness and there is light,
Send on earth to create a balance in between,
World would go insane without darkness,
Imagine a world with no happiness to seek,
Take hold of the miserable and the weak,
Random, mundane events chain of calamities,
Destruction, monstrosity in my reach,
I strike a chord between good and evil,
Where god leaves the pitiful human beings,
I stand alone in the dark, I alone preach,
I’m no god’s angel, never meant to be,
I’m just a sickness aching, breathing to seek,
Found in every house, every single community,
I’m religion,
 Creating that barrier in between,
No darkness or light has awaken me,
No living thing, created by human beings,
No blaming on god for all the atrocities,
One day I shall stand alone,
In a room full of darkness and light,
Humans will be the sole bearers,
Of their very own true identities.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

World Through Your Eyes

Me and your magic,
Defies the law of love,
Two mismatched pairs on earth,
Resurrecting the fire within us,
That was once sufficed by on looking eyes,
Build a shelter of our own,
Under the glorious morning sky,
I don’t need a crowd to mystify,
Your eyes work the charm every time,
Waiting for the dawn to arrive,
Above the horizon of your symmetrical design,
We create a perfect balance, we rectify,
I make mistakes on purpose,
I’m a damaged soul; need your love to survive,
Your tresses covering my obscure face,
Savoring your morning breeze,
I go blank; need the soft touch of your skin to revive,
Can’t keep looking at you all the time,
Staring at something so beautiful,
Only god deserves to look in your eyes,
One minute and I’m blinded by your lights,
Sitting at a desk besides yours in a office,
You make see the world,
When I look into your eyes,
I see heaven and hell reunite,
You define the universe for me every time.

You can also check my new poem "i'm a fool i wont deny" below.i have added two new poems in a days gap after a long haitus so do check it out.

I’m A Fool I Won’t Deny

Never been a time in my life,
When the significance of true things,
Of true belongings by my side,
Hasn’t been ignored by my mind,
I have drifted apart and joined back,
Piled up my own feelings,
Regret has always crossed my mind,
I have submerged myself,
In the deepest of the oceans,
Of love and life, drowning inside,
Never cried for help, feelings inside,
Been part of that crammed corner,
All my life, I have died inside,
Thousands of times, buried in the soil,
Of my foolish mind, I have taken my time,
I have fallen for that angel all my life,
Never uttered a single word to signify,
Fear has always conquered my mind,
Don’t know if I will disclose the truth,
Rather live in regret all my life,
I will never fall in love again,
I still keep the ashes of my burned heart,
Reminds me of a soul aching to breathe inside,
I’m a fool for you baby, I won’t deny,
Live by my side like a vivid memory,
I will keep filling the colors of love inside.

(Dedicated to two of my best friends)

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Dear:White Shimmering Piano

I lived on the outskirts,
Far from the reach of human beings,
I was called as someone without feelings,
Now I rest in peace,
I have seen changes around me,
I have seen flowers blooming,
Taking their own time, hesitating,
Giving birth to every petal within,
Once beautiful, so soothing,
Now plucked, broken,
Each and every petal crumbled,
Heart bleeding,
I do have feelings you can’t feel,
I have seen fingers resting,
On that white shimmering piano,
Closing eyes and opening,
Eyelashes flickering,
Heart beat in rhythm with every note,
Like a feather in a breeze,
I have felt music penetrating,
The outskirts of my soul,
Where I once used to live,
Far from the skills of my own,
That magic that thrived for years,
I have felt love, hatred, emotions empowering,
I have cried for years within,
Stand just once not for an hour,
Just for a minute,
Resting fingers on that white shimmering angel,
Making them feel, penetrate,
The outskirts of my ever rhythmic dreams,
I take a bow, thousands clapping, resounding,
That sound ever so out of reach,
Ever so soothing, it never seized,
I will remember that minute all my life,
When I rested my hands,
On that ever shining white piano,
When the whole world,
Felt what I could feel,
Listened to the symphony,
That played within me for years,
I may never stand above,
That stage of my dreams again,
But I will keep accompanying,
My dear white shimmering piano,
I think I will keep playing all my life,
Because me without my music,
Is like a life without dreams.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So this time there’s no poem, no story nothing. My very first personal blog post. This idea of writing a post which is not related to any of my works was by Katie a.k.a blossom.I mean it’s really tough to write this, look at the starting two lines they are the most ridiculous lines that anyone can come up with. Who the hell writes “my very first personal post”??haha. So this post is dedicated to reason one it was my birthday on 30th November so why not celebrate with a new post!!!And I have 30 followers too so why not add some more exclamations like I always do!!!It was one of the most boring birthdays in the history of mankind. I was playing match (cricket match) full day and then I was roaming around my neighborhood garden with my friend’s lolz. Do I sound like one of old age guys who play chess in the garden and check out all the young girls and smile at them with no teeth??I will remain busy for the rest of this week and at the end of this week I will do something that doesn’t sound like as if I’m having a funeral.ohh it’s a personal post so yeah back to the topic. I should tell you all something about me. Basically I’m an athlete and an economics graduate. My height is 6’5 ft haha I had to mention this coz people go mad when they see me. It’s like Shrek 4 or something with me. People look at you as if it’s the end of the world and I’m like their savior or something. A lot of times irritating but who doesn’t like attention??!!Humans are attention hungry hehe especially girls. Ohh would this lead to me receiving hateful comments??hmmm..But that’s a fact right?ohh back to the topic. I like to listen to rock mostly I’m a super big music buff. Always listening to music at full volume. A big movie buff too. I have around 1500 movies in my collection. A Stephen king fan mostly coz I love anything that involves the word “supernatural”. Obsessed with ghost stories and in my childhood days I used to recite these ghost stories which sound funny now but that time they were like scary as hell. Kids are stupid!!My friends used to piss in their pants after listening to all those stupid stories where pair of legs are just floating in mid air behind a window lolz. They used to go together before going home and accompany each other to their respective houses. Those kids were lame haha!!I just hate kids and when I say hate that’s a strong word. Kids are like these small alien type things that cry and poop 24 hours. They are yucky and they are small and super short in front of me and I look like this big giant who is gonna eat them up lol. I think this much is enough about me for now maybe when I complete my 50 posts I will write a post to thank you all for joining my blog, becoming a part of my daily life, providing me that confidence with all those wonderful comments that give me some hope and yeah the fact that ohh I can write haha!!So everyone keep blogging, keep writing and keep reading. I don’t sound so depressing like my pessimistic poems do I??In real life I’m not that serious or anything it’s just that I love to write dark. In the near future I will try to write something that’s hmmm…not all happy happy but brings that single ray of happiness into your lives when you read it.bye for now and take care everyone.

“Having dreams is what makes life tolerable”

Friday, November 27, 2009

Maple Tree

There was a fountain in my garden,
Carved with markings of birth,
Of death, of red and yellow crayons,
Of those isolated, alone memories,
Me hiding behind the maple tree,
Far, far away from my brothers,
Vision and screams,
Scaring him like I always did,
He jumping, crying, clinging to me,
I ruffling his hair, holding to him,
Wiping his tears, smiling at him,
Carrying him to the branch of,
The never ending maple tree,
Overlooking the snow covered peaks,
Sun burning fire on our faces,
Colliding from every sun colored,
Leaf of the maple tree,
I holding is hand in a reassuring grip,
Walking towards the now frozen,
Black Sand River, adapting the nature,
Of its snow covered surroundings,
Me freeing my grip for a second,
Picking up a black shimmering stone,
Gleaming, reflecting, hiding beneath,
Watching my brother, now a blur,
Walking on the white surface of,
The Now flowing river beneath,
Cracking under the weight of new skin,
His once blurred shadow,
Now slipping away from me,
Officials never found his body again,
His soul now a part of the black sand river,
Lost within the depths,
Of my blurred vision and his silent screams,
I still occupy the branch of the maple tree,
Overlooking the green mountains beneath,
I hold an imaginary hand somewhere,
Reassuring my grip again,
My brother,
You will be always safe with me.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Bridge Within

Two lovers apart, a river in between,
Came every day at the peak of,
The broken golden bridge,
Never uttered a single word,
No wave of hands to greet,
Mesmerized in each other’s eyes,
Resurrecting an imaginary bridge,
To fill the distance in between,
Traversed on that bridge of illusion,
To feel each other’s souls from within,
That touches of imagination,
That caressing of the illuminating skin,
Fluttering wings of the two hearts,
Mended the broken bridge,
Only a minute of solitude each day,
Only a minute of conversation,
Through eyes each day,
Kept the love flowing,
Within each of their veins,
Ray of sun strikes the surface,
Of the ever calm yet ferocious river,
And reaches the bottom with grace,
Shimmering like the wings of an angel,
Covered their faces like an eclipse,
With the ever shining glow of the day,
Love lived young and grew old together,
Within the eyes of the two lovers,
Bridge still remains closed and broken,
Shadows of the two souls standing at the peak,
Still remain the same,
No physical closure,
No touch of the two surfaces,
Two souls became one single bridge,
Love was given birth that day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie:Highway 45

I saw a vision last night.
In it I died in a car accident at highway45.
Before dying my wristwatch read 4:45 a.m.
I’m standing at highway45.
Cars are zooming past inches from me.
My wristwatch reads 4:45 a.m.
4:46 a.m.
Ohh god I’m alive.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ordinary Love

Shape me like a crammed corner,
In your heart, tampered,
With emotions of my love,
Lost in the continuous flow,
Of your ever gasping breathe,
Wretched pieces of my well being,
Formation of a perfect soul for you,
I am a tampered soul my love,
Need to break apart like an atom,
To emerge as an ever glowing sun for you,
My opinion for myself overflowed,
From the brim of my ever flowing life,
It overshadowed, disrupted, vaporized,
In front of your face my love,
I need to savor this moment,
Like a man falling from the highest point,
I whimper, scatter, I look small,
In front of you my love,
Even though I’m way taller,
I need to bend on my knees,
Dragging my shadow down with me,
To judge myself in front of you my love,
I’m just an ordinary human being,
I need to create a nuclear of love,
In comparison to your love for me,
To emerge as an extraordinary human,
In front of you my love,
I keep my eyes wide open while you sleep,
In fear that you don’t disappear in thin air,
My love I don’t know how I will survive,
Without you,
I’m just an ordinary human being,
I pale, crumble, disengage,
I breathe in you my love.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Rescuing My Love

Sliding curvaceous moves for me,
I see you gliding down the stairs,
With a pair of eyes rhyming,
Gleaming, shining, moving through me,
Me trying to catch my balance,
Took hold of something,
Glinting, shimmering pyramid of glasses,
Toppling, tumbling at our feet,
Me fixed in trance somewhere in between,
Reality and beauty like a golden seam,
Shards of glasses thousands of scenes,
She magnifies, reflects in every piece,
Every single human being present on the scene,
Is in love with the one who was meant for me,
Silence and awe, sudden wreck and havoc,
Every single hand grabbing to seize her from me,
I took her in my arms crashing the doors,
We were free,
Racing for the boat near the river,
We jumped the crease,
Hands outstretched everywhere,
Trying to catch hold off she,
Angry shouts and cries behind us,
Some falling into the river in between,
Outlined, sketched moon in the scene,
This is how I rescued my beloved,
From the love hungry human beings.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Clockwork Of Tragedies

Stage 1: Tragedy-series of events

World renowned owner of tragedies,
Is in town to complete the chain,
Of events filling the space between,
Oddly the town is vacant,
Not the medium to provide uncertainties,
Pursuing another path, another town,
Walks the uncharted territory,
With the hope of unlimited catastrophes,
Standing on the threshold of opportunities,
Thirst for an uneventful night,
Blurs his mind, reluctance awakens within,
What if nothing happens?
Walk this unholy earth no cries and screams,
He needs one more tragedy,
Otherwise his heart beat would seize.

Stage 2: Tragedy-obsession

Life begins with uncertainty,
With situations and tragedies,
In the beginning,
Breaks a person from within,
Slowly the series of tragedies,
Becomes a certainty,
Obsession emerges,
Engulfing the events within,
That taste of tragedies,
That thirst for uncertainty,
That pain overpowering the mind,
Asks for more, asks for thrills,
He needs a tragedy in his life,
Every once in a while,
To keep his life ticking,
Tick, tick, tick.

A life full of tragedies slowly turns into an obsession. A person whose life is filled with tragedies from the beginning needs a tragedy every once in a while to keep the clock ticking. Pain suffered for a long time becomes habitual and slowly like a heart beat that thrill for pain turns into necessity. A series of tragedies provides that thrill that heart beat to the uneventful life. Keeps the obsession of a person ticking.Tick,Tick,Tick.

Stages of tragedy turning into obsession:

1. Beginning of life.
2. The very first tragedy.
3. face to face with reality.
4. Pain.
5. Series of tragedies.
6. Acquaintance to pain.
7. Obsessed with pain.
8. Thrill of pain.
9. Obsessed with tragedies.
10. Pain as a necessity.
11. Keeps the clock ticking.

Tick, Tick, Tick.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I Dreamt A Dream

Times when I just sit in a corner,
Staring somewhere far above me,
Resting my vision somewhere perfect,
Somewhere perfect, where it’s hard to see,
Pressing my legs against my skin,
I feel like, I shouldn’t dream,
Single tear travelling down my face,
Laying on my chin for a second,
Dropping, leaving me alone again,
Placing my happy times, days,
Aligning them in front of sorrow,
Victim of my own shadows,
Darkness prevails over me,
Time tickles down in seconds,
Minutes, hours, days, eternity,
Dream dreamt as a dream,
Remains forever as a dream,
Pain suffices for some time,
And reality overcomes,
As a flailing shadow,
This was just the beginning,
Remaining life lost somewhere,
Somewhere within the depths,
Of the lost dream,
I dreamt a dream once,
It remained forever as a dream.

How does it feel when dreams remain unfulfilled.when that greatest thing,the most desired of all thing remains as a mere thought in your belief has always been that pain heals with time.but pain of a broken dream always remains until you die.i think my life would change if i'm unable to make it into reality.i think a dream follows you forever.i think i will follow mine if there is a life after this until i achieve what i seek.i dont know whether i will make it or not but i will follow it till the matter how many lives it takes.i still dream a dream.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Kites

My mother used to make kites for me.
We flew those colorful kites together on our Terries.
Two years later she died.
I kept those kites close to my heart.
I could see her face in those flying kites.
See her standing near the ledge with thread in her hand.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am

I’m the moon, the sun and the stars,
I’m the Sand dunes trickling by in an hour glass,
I outshine the shining on a piece of paper,
Reconstruct the nation with words of fury,
I’m the knowledge, the yearning,
Of a man’s everyday learning,
I’m the horror, the dreams, the fantasy,
I’m the dose to their written ecstasy,
I’m the Verses of their life,
Rhyming of their breathing,
I’m the soul of the bounded pages,
Without my words,
They are like life without dreams,
And in the realms of their dreams,
I resurrect and melt my happiness,
My sorrows, my outlook towards everything,
I’m the maker, I’m the mentor,
I can destroy someone from within,
Reach into their souls,
Extract all their fears,
No cinematic landscape,
Can even come close to my writings,
I can affect the mind, the body and the soul,
Erase all their thoughts, add mine,
Glare in their mind like a gaping hole,
I’m a writer, I write what I feel,
My words on a piece of paper,
Are more powerful,
Than the universe of thoughts,
Created within.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Broken Stereo

My neighbor blasted music at full volume on his stereo.

I warned him not to. He continued.

I smashed his stereo.

Next morning I woke up listening to a soothing voice.

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Mesmerizing Night

Rosemary sang a song for me every night standing near her window.
I stood there every night mesmerized by her beauty and her voice.
Her smile reminded me of my mother, her eyes were full of innocence.
Four weeks later came the night.

Together Forever

Road to my past,
Pierces through my heart,
With vengeance and revenge,
Submerged in it,
Keep drowning in that river of pain,
That you suffered all your life,
Questioning the authority,
The godforsaken almighty,
For the decisions he takes,
In his everyday life,
Twenty two years of cancer,
Disrupting every life within you,
You lying on your death bed,
Most of your life,
Your grave would feel,
More comfortable to you,
Kept looking at her,
Staring into her thoughts,
Clicking a mental picture of her,
Replay it in my memory,
Unforgettable times,
Till it becomes a vein in my brain,
Pulsating, running, keeping me alive,
Fists closing and opening,
She succumbed to death,
I cringe in a corner,
Thinking about the ways,
In which I can commit suicide,
Cannot live this life anymore,
Without listening to your voice,
Screaming, crying for help,
Begging to receive my love,
Light shining from a window above me,
Calling me, whispering in my ears,
I stand on the threshold,
Where she lying dead and me on the verge,
Of giving her company,
One step ahead I chose my destiny,
I died the day she died,
Although she was the one diagnosed,
With cancer,
It pulsated and survived,
For twenty two years,
Inside of me.

i changed the ending at the very last show how powerful love is,how it commands our life,makes us do things we never even can make you do wonderful things,achieve things which are just impossible and also completely destroy you.grab you by the arms and drag you to the threshold of good or bad.for some love is like a meaning to life,like a purpose.a emotion so powerful that even god bows down in front of so sincere so serene is the cause of all the waves in the sea of your heart beat.beating and pulsating just for the sake of feeling this emotion whole life and some of them are not satisfied even after so many years.

Monday, October 26, 2009

God Sacrificed A Universe For You

Flakes of sweet snow,
On your face my love,
Gives me tender bliss,
That reddening of your cheeks,
That wishful peck on your lips,
Sends that wave of heat,
Down my spine,
Lie with you on this sheet of snow,
Covering the miracle called earth,
Hold you, cover my face,
Under your feather jacket,
Kiss you for a while,
See the reflection of true me,
In your eyes,
Try to judge myself,
Am I worthy of you?
My love I think sometimes,
Wavering, holding your tresses,
Away from your face,
Hypnotized by the god’s creation,
Surrendering thousands,
Of beauties of nature,
Just to bring you to life,
He committed a crime,
He rendered you to reality,
When he could have created,
A universe in all this time,
He made a world in you,
Just for me to stay in you,
Feel you from the inside,
All my life.

This poem is dedicated to my sweet blogger friends Katie,chatterbox,sparky,dyala.although my idea was to showcase there beauty it became kind of sensual too.but the main idea behind this poem was to write a poem on them just to show how beautiful they are through my words.they can imagine there companions in my work hehe as i have to make sure that there boyfriends don't break my feel your worth thorugh my words and the inner beauty inside of you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

And So They Shall Rise

Shape of an angel,
On a mantelpiece,
Surrounded by shadows of death,
Gazes upon the onlookers,
Slithering smiles on their faces,
Seeking the angel with detest,
Creates a circle of dust,
Around the lone angel of love,
They casting a look of insanity,
Of lust, of desires, cravings,
Never ending hunger of power,
Closing the range of circle,
To quench their thirst,
From the angel of love,
She begs for mercy,
She cries and cries,
Tears flowing down her tresses,
Seizing the last pitfall,
Of her demise,

“Those who seek shall be granted the way to the forbidden power and they will rise when the occasion comes to survive and the desire to live the life on the mercy of their own, and so they rise”
So she gazed upon,
The shadows of death,
And so she cried and cried,
Seeking for mercy,
Begging for their lives,
Too late to perish,
The awakening power,
And so shall and will,
Remain as the saying,
Carved on the mantelpiece,
That those who have the will,
And the hunger to survive,
And live on their terms,
Shall be granted,
The highest power,
To rain death upon the devils,
Of lust and desires,
And shall rise to the occasion,
When the need to survive,
Becomes their utmost desire.

This poem is a mirror image of my earlier work titled “I’m a rape victim”. I will elaborate on my work so that you will have a clear idea of what was running in my mind when I penned this down. In “I’m a rape victim” I had shown that the girl was completely destroyed, ruined and betrayed from her own life. In this work I have universally considered women as angels of god. I have shown the work and power of god in this work. When the time will come when an angel has to beg for her own life, to survive, to live the life she was granted by her creator, she would be given the utmost power of raining death upon the devils and the evils of the world. At that situation when their ultimate desire becomes surviving and the will to live. They shall rise to the occasion and shall conquer the desired.In other words i have considered women as someone with godlike powers.we all know that women have the power to give birth,i have just completed the cycle by giving them both the powers-controlling both birth and death.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Border Of Freedom

Me and my mind,
Scampering behind the rocks,
Of my senses,
In dire need of silence,
Desperate for a place,
Of solitude,
Trapped behind these fences,
Coward to climb these walls,
Of brick and bones,
Keep clambering over them,
Rain drops and the stones,
Send me crashing down,
I taste blood and dust,
Refraining and restraining,
All my movements,
Need to cross these boundaries,
Of my dislocated dreams,
I’m trapped behind these walls,
Need to break away,
It’s like a migraine,
Breathing and living,
Inside of me,
Clawing the walls,
Of freedom,
One last time,
One last leap,
I’m on the other side,
Of this border,
Bullets like rain drops,
Keep restraining me,
Against the wall,
For a second,
I was a free man,
I died like a free man,
Solitude at last,
Found me,
At my birth place,
Of freedom,
Even though my own,
Country men,
Couldn’t recognize me,
Fifty thousand people,
Lying with arms wide open,
Tasting the blood of freedom,
Die besides me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

16 Broken Chains

16 broken chains of pain,
Wrapped around me,
At random intervals,
Each chain signifies,
Random phases,
Of my life,
Stinging and poking,
At the pit of my miseries,
Commanding the obstacles,
The debacles that I survived,
Each part covered with blood,
Resurrecting my memories,
From which I revived,
16 broken chains,
Of my screams,
Still ring in my ears,
Engulfing my childhood,
With cries,
Broken and destroyed,
All the 16 chains,
I still survive,
When I lie on my death bed,
After 20 years,
16 broken chains of pain,
Leave a shadow,
On my grave,
Carving rest in pain,
Reminding the sole,
Bearer of my life.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thirst For Immortality

Wanderers wander the path,
Called life,
In search of the black stone,
Buried into the surface,
Where the heart and soul,
Of the immortals thrive,
Bound to the roots,
Of the ever living,
Once extracted and broken,
Seeds of immortality,
Cannot be sown,
Longevity in the hands,
Of the mortal species,
Spilled each others blood,
To live for eternity,
None survived to taste,
The power of immortality,
Black stone again buried,
In the depths survives,
Far from the clutches,
Of the soulless species,
Until the day comes,
The mortals rise,
Rip the chest out,
quench the thirst,
for the black stone,
Crumble the earth’s surface,
Into a thousand pieces.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Not My fault Mother

No one wants me,
Neither hell nor heaven,
Neither the creator,
Not even my mother,
Why am I even here?
What is my purpose?
Am I breathing someone else’s air?
Living his life by myself,
Sharing his prayers,
He died before me,
Is that my fault?
I crave for you,
My mother,
No need to live this life forever,
Hold me in your arms for some time,
My mother,
Please wipe off the tears,
From my eyes with your warm hands,
My mother,
Lie besides your feet,
Let me Rest my head,
I need silence for a while,
My mother,
He keeps crying in my sleep,
Too far from me I can’t reach him,
My mother,
Why don’t you love me mother?
I’m falling, my mother,
Why don’t you save me?
My Mother,
Please look at me for a while,
Please forgive me,
For the fault which I’m unaware,
I’m drowning, my mother,
Why don’t you grab my hand?
My Mother.

I Touch The Sky

Day before yesterday,

Rising near the horizon,

Saw a plane,

Blue stripes all over it,

Piercing through the heart,

Of morning haze,

Vision dazed not confused,

Ran near the drowning cliff,

Carve the miracle,

In my memory,

For a second or two,

Without even thinking,

Raised my hands,

To wave a goodbye,

I think someone waved back,

True description not a lie,

Told me he would comeback,

Not to soar above the sea,

But to see me fly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Kiss Her

Shamelessly picturizing her,
Tantalizing my senses,
She standing naked,
Behind the curtains,
Only illuminating,
Her curves, exposed,
Uncovered her feet,
Me lying all alone,
Awestruck, disturbed,
By her beauty,
Walk towards her,
Drawing the curtains,
Her back towards me,
My fingers slowly,
Aimlessly searching,
For the path,
To touch her heart,
Epitome of sensuality,
Ray of sun caressing her,
Making me jealous,
Covering with my hands,
Untouched by no one,
Other than me,
We hold each other,
I kiss her,
She smiles for me.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a Rape Victim

Writing this on a piece of paper,
To make myself realize,
To see the truth,
To see everything,
That I have been through,
On this piece of paper,
I write my life.
Lying in a gutter,
Drenched in blood,
No pain surfacing,
Feelings died inside,
No intention to cover,
Naked body with torn clothes,
Whole scenario justifies,
Four followed me that night,
Not even a single person,
In sight,
To whom I could beg for help,
To whom I could beg for life,
They raped me not once,
But each of the four,
Two times,
I kept screaming, asking for mercy,
I cannot take it anymore,
You bastards,
And then all the withering,
And time just froze inside,
Threw me in a gutter,
For god’s sake,
I didn’t even die.
I still live,
I still breathe,
I don’t cry,
You need feelings,
To bring tears to your eyes,
I’m half dead,
And what’s left inside of me,
Lives in that gutter,
Ruined, rotten,
Burned that night.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mercy of nature

Endless minutes of endless days,
Dry wind from the west,
Desperate and pitiful gaze,
Sky clear as droplet of water,
No sound of the stammering thunder,
Wishful eyes towards the sky,
Sound of the bucket hitting the bottom,
Thirsty every living being,
Dead and rotten,
Cracked pieces of earth divided by nature,
Seems more like a puzzle,
Once lived like a caricature,
Children in silence,
Sitting, clutching their drying throats,
Asking their father for a glass of water,
Living each and every day,
at the mercy of a droplet of rain,
Gazing towards the sky,
With hungry eyes,
No water left to shed,
For tears,
Soulless farmers,
Left to wander,
At the pity of the nature,
Destined to die.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live like A HUMAN

if I was blind,

This world would look,

One shade blacker,

Than what it is usually,

If I was deaf,

I won’t miss the sounds,

Of pain, of remorse, of cruelty,

That I could hear,


If I was mute,

I won’t hurt someone’s feelings,

Divide the nation,

Kill thousands of people,

With the power of my speech,

If I was a preacher,

I won’t teach,

Ways to seek moksha,

Blinding the reality,

If I was a color,

I won’t create differences.

Between black and white,

Rather consider humanity,

If I was death,

I won’t die silent,

Rather lie on my death bed,

With a sense of awakening,

If I was life,

I won’t breathe,

The air of someone’s pity,

Rather live that very moment,

And die,

Like a free, unchained,

Human being.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


How grand is our life,

Took me a while,

To understand a little,

The way it works,

The way it defines us,

Divides us, designs us,

Try as much as you can,

It’s how it’s meant to work,

It’s how he works,

It’s how he wants us to work,

We can’t make it on our own,

To reach to the top,

To touch the pinnacle,

Bound in shackles,

Of blood and glory,

So many stories untold,

Left in the misery,

Pit of adversary,

Waiting to unfold,

He who decides the fate,

Of me and you,

And the whole mankind,

Holds the key,

To the golden gate,

Of fame and recognition,

He doesn’t weigh the work,

Consider the strive behind it,

The size of sacrifice behind it,

Beaten, bruised and forsaken,

There is no remuneration,

For your work,

He who designs your fate,

He who makes all the favors,

In this society of evil,

His priorities has changed,

Engulfed in the boundaries,

Of power and hate,

He has considered the name,

The almighty too seriously,

After all he is the creator,

Of humans, of this mankind,

He too is influenced,

That thirst of power and fame,

Comes naturally to him,

He too is corrupted,

He doesn’t weigh the work,


There is no remuneration,

There is no hard work,

Considered anymore,

He who decides your fate,

Needs some favors,

To shift you up,

There is no blood or glory,


My friend,

You need a lot of luck.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It was a town full of tragedies. Each and every family of this town had lost at least one member of their family. You could hear someone crying each time you left your house. Each house was located at a distance of hundred miles from each other. Not an inch more or less than hundred miles. All the houses were painted black with tainted windows and a brown chimney from which smoke use to emit everyday at 2:00 am. It was like a daily ritual for the whole town. Girls were not allowed to go out of their houses ever in their lives. If a girl was seen out of their doorstep than the town guards slashed their throats. Their bodies were dumped into the well near the Arrington church. All the men in this town did farming of marijuana. There was no corruption in this town. Now the name of the town as you all know is sunset town but back then it was called “west burn town”. I was from a town not so far from west burn town but there was river called “black Sand River” which acted as a divider between the two towns. But there was unsaid mutual understanding between the two towns. We never entered in their town and they never came here. But on the other hand no one even dared enter the black sand river. There was a reason behind that name. It looked like normal water when a part of the river but when someone tried to hold it in their palms it turned black.
Then came the day when I saw a body floating in the black sand river. I was the one who saved that girl. That day changed everything. I knew that she was from west burn town and I also knew that if anyone came to know about her they would kill her at that very moment. So I kept her in a cave not so far from the black sand river. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Her eyes were amber in color and there was that calmness that you could feel in your heart whenever looked at her. I knew that even if she told me drive a sword down my throat I would done that without even hesitating for a second. I had heard about a place named India where there were snake charmers who hypnotized the snakes and made them do whatever they wanted. She was like one of those snake charmers.
Three days later my whole town was destroyed. No living being survived that catastrophe except for me. Till this day I have no idea why she left me? Why didn’t she just kill me? I never saw her again. I wanted answers. So I crossed the black sand river. West burn town was not a place made for humans. I cannot even describe how horrible that town was. The sky was different seemed closer than usual as if like a gaping hole which would one day absorb everyone in its vicinity. I stayed away from the town for four days. I thought I could figure out the mystery behind this town in four days but finally I realized that it will take me a century to dig the secrets buried in this place. All the things were odd about this town. Every night at 2:00 am smoke use to come out of each and every chimney that existed in west burn town. I never saw a single human in four days. West burn town was destroyed too All the houses were black with a goat tethered outside each and every house tied to a red colored rope. Each and every door was marked by the alphabet “s” with smoke rising from the alphabet and forming a devil’s face. Marks were hand drawn with blood. They were very old as the color of the blood had changed to black. Same phrase was seen on each and every door which read,

“The goats are the seed of Satan, and the Sheep are God's elect“

Two days later I reached the Arrington church. I crossed the black sand river reached west burn town for answers and finally found some. Not a day goes by when I don’t regret my decision. But as we all know curiosity killed the cat. Arrington church was like no other church I had ever seen. There were no graven images of Jesus. There was just an image of a woman giving birth to a baby. But the newborns head was missing. There was just an orb shining above its neck.

I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel."

I always thought that the seed of the woman from which antichrist could rise was spiritual. It was never physical. But I was wrong. She had already given birth. Till this date I have no idea how I knew that the birth had taken place but it had. That’s why no woman was ever allowed to go out as the people of west burn knew long time back that the seed of a woman from which antichrist would rise would be physical. And they were proved right. There is heaven or earth anymore. Antichrist rose that day and so did his seeds.

"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist that denieth the Father and the Son."