Tuesday, December 15, 2009

World Through Your Eyes

Me and your magic,
Defies the law of love,
Two mismatched pairs on earth,
Resurrecting the fire within us,
That was once sufficed by on looking eyes,
Build a shelter of our own,
Under the glorious morning sky,
I don’t need a crowd to mystify,
Your eyes work the charm every time,
Waiting for the dawn to arrive,
Above the horizon of your symmetrical design,
We create a perfect balance, we rectify,
I make mistakes on purpose,
I’m a damaged soul; need your love to survive,
Your tresses covering my obscure face,
Savoring your morning breeze,
I go blank; need the soft touch of your skin to revive,
Can’t keep looking at you all the time,
Staring at something so beautiful,
Only god deserves to look in your eyes,
One minute and I’m blinded by your lights,
Sitting at a desk besides yours in a office,
You make see the world,
When I look into your eyes,
I see heaven and hell reunite,
You define the universe for me every time.

You can also check my new poem "i'm a fool i wont deny" below.i have added two new poems in a days gap after a long haitus so do check it out.


  1. Wonderful poem with a brilliant picture.
    I loved the way you let your imagination run wild while remembering 'her' eyes.

    I could almost feel the innocence and intensity of her personality from the way you pictured her eyes in your words.

    Keep up the good work :)


  2. This poetic journey leaves me speechless...The eyes are the key to the soul...Getting lost in someone's eyes isnt hard to do...You can see them in totality, the eyes never lie...Beautiful expression of your feelings...

  3. @chatterbox:yeah I'm pretty sure that not only in words but also in reality a girls eyes can make you mad and carry you to another world!!thx for reading and replying.as always your words make me smile!!keep reading!cheers!!

  4. @jstar:really thx for such kind words.really glad to read that my poem could evoke such emotions in you.keep reading!!