Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fickle minded genius

Fickle minded genius,
Burns the last of the pieces,
Of his ever dismal life,
Counting by the minutes,
The ashes into smoldering heat,
Reflect the pain and the scars,
Face reflects a long lived journey,
Empty soul, without love,
Fickle minded genius,
Differentiates himself,
From the rest of the rotten crowd,
With brains placed on a mantel piece,
Intelligence lost within the crowd,
Loud are the verses,
Of the pope and the mistress,
Truth clad within the white satin,
Blood trickles down the thigh,
And the fickle minded genius,
Creates weapons of mass destruction,
Hatred of never finding love forever,
Burns the last of the pieces,
A child within suffocates and dies,
And the fickle minded genius,
Pulls the trigger,
Thousand lives undistinguished,
No religion, no caste, no creed,
No borders enveloping, no prejudices,
No hatred for each other, neither love,
All lay above the ground,
With arms and feet dangling,
Reflecting the same pain,
Colour of the blood remains consistent,
No Hindu, no Muslim,
And the fickle minded genius,
Fulfills the revenge,
The days he has been through,
The path he was forced to,
The learning’s embedded inside, carved,
Work of the fickle minded genius,
No religion, no caste, no creed,
Death is a procedure,
Proceedings need to be undertaken,
Lights a match stick,
Reflecting pain on his scarred face,
And the fickle minded genius,
Burns the last of the pieces,
Of his ever dismal life.

Monday, November 19, 2012

She was never meant

Part 1: She is mine

In times of solitude and distress,
When the pain of longing,
Of holding someone’s face,
In yours hands,
Your hands are dirty my friend,
Soaked in blood of others,
Who held the same infatuation,
Some may call it love, others lust,
But the feelings remained the same,
Of continuation, of two parallel lines meeting,
And the love of others towards her,
Caused distress and pain,
Of that same lonely heart,
Which pounded in its mid region,
Needs a black silken cloth,
To obliterate the love of others,
But the rays of others penetrate,
She was not meant to be for him,
She is the God of beauty,
The love of every man’s eyes, of lust,
She is love in different colours,
In different religions, symbols, signs.

Part 2: The hunger for her

She was meant for everyone,
Of that divine intervention,
She is every child’s unfulfilled hunger,
Every poor man’s broken shelter,
Of signs of ups and downs in life,
She was meant for everyone,
She is the hope of good times,
Of that cringing thirst of bad times,
When a man holds the hand of failure,
She is the cause of happiness, of sadness,
Of every man’s provoked emotions,
Evoked emotions, she evokes emptiness,
Struggle, of every man’s never ending desires,
She was meant for everyone.

Part 3: Green soaked in blood

And so blood was poured,
Families, friends, lovers, enemies,
All stood in the same line,
Devotees stood in disguise,
Some for the upheaval of man,
Promised for peace and prosperity,
In hope of quenching her,
But the thirst never seized,
The size of the pockets bloated,
With the bloated minds of blinded people,
Some clad in white and orange,
While others in pure colours,
Stood on a mantle above others,
She was never meant for everyone,
She always belonged to the people,
Who possessed the three symbols,
Stood over others,
Crippled the poor beneath,
She was in there arms, in their pockets,
And every other confined space,
After all she took birth,
From power and lust,
Superiority over others,
She was never meant for everyone.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ego seeped within

Volume of my head increased,
When ego seeped within,
Vision blurred, disoriented,
No more a human being,
Above all, below no one,
Head high above shoulders,
Trampling, scrambling beneath,
Eyes far from reality,
Vision of my eyes blurred,
When greed seeped within,
Fame and fortune lay close to me,
Friends and foes even closer,
Achievements mounted above mantels,
With shadows of struggle disengaged,
Treachery and lying held my hand,
No more a human being,
Hands soaked in blood,
When jealousy seeped within,
Killing in the name of anything,
Fame and fortune stood in silence,
Friends and foes in dismay,
No more a human being,
Path of life, blurred, dismantled,
When alcohol seeped within,
Misery and disparity lay close to me,
Friends and foes mere shadows,
Loneliness held my hand,
Vision blurred, darkness, eternity,
When death seeped within,
Blood, bones, ego, anger, jealousy,
One gallon of kerosene and a matchstick,
Emptiness seeped within,
When fifty years of ashes,
Were burnt down into nothingness,
Volume of my life decreased,
No more a human being.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Maybe she's just a dream

A syringe deep within,
She rests upon the shoulder,
Maybe just a dream,
She is a living being, I believe,
People say she’s just a stream,
A dream waking near a meadow,
She has been nothing to me,
I have nothing more to see,
She’s just a dream,
Like a syringe deep within,
People say she doesn’t exist,
Just a figment of my insecure mind,
Mere definition of my existence,
Maybe she never existed for me,
Maybe she has been a fume of air,
Which whispers in the air,
She has been an underlining stream,
In my ever flowing life,
She has been the calm tides of the sea,
Like a syringe deep within,
People say she’s just a feeling,
Only felt, can’t be touched,
By an unworthy human being, like me,
I’m not a worthy soul mate for her,
My soul fades in front of thee,
She is the day and the night,
And the light in every blind man’s dream,
My life has been colorless all this time,
She has been the source of serenity,
Of that mild extinguished breeze,
That once existed, felt, sensed,
By each and every human being,
She is the girl of my dreams,
A syringe penetrates deep within,
Rehabilitation for the mere existence,
Of her,
Maybe she is, maybe she is not,
A syringe left deep within,
People say she’s just a dream,
Maybe I’m a dreamer,
Maybe she existed just for me,
I’m just a believer, of love,
Of she being there for me.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Smoke a life in the air

"For all the joints burnt in thin air, out of love, out of care"

From the bygones to the sidelines,
I see you travelling by in an arm seat,
With eyes flaming red,
You smoke till the joint breaks away,
Ashes slithering in cool air,
Gulp the air of freedom baby,
And put the throttle to the limit,
As my old mama said one time,
“You aren’t a boy till you,
Hear the screeching sound”
And the car hits the diversion,
Work in progress baby,
Hit the brakes, make a sound,
From the passersby to the sidelines,
Arms flailing like a shadow in disguise,
I see an angel giving me the eye,
Why should I lie to you baby?
I don’t have a lifetime, to throttle around,
Gas prices are taking a hike,
So pull the back seat, and live the life,
Smoke a joint in the cool sunny air,
With eyes flaming red,
I see stars colliding in mid air baby,
The whole constellation is falling by,
Ashes slithering in cool air,
Friction of the cool bodies,
Warm touches,
Baby extinguish the flames inside,
My heart is burning for thee,
So light a joint, till the ashes hits the sidewalk,
Smoke a life in the air,
Burn a few lives, break a few bones,
No one is going moan on your life,
You have not been a celeb in disguise,
So smoke a joint, spray the smoke in the air,
Eyes flaming, burning red,
Burn some lives in the air,
Baby, I ain’t got a lifetime.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If Only: A mirror could reflect the true being

A mirror reflects the true being,
Time has shown its colours,
With eyes awakening to new hopes,
New hopes, news dreams,
Wrinkles spreading beneath the skin,
A sea is bruised and broken within,
Waiting for the shore to come close,
A pure kid once lived within,
Pure, untouched, not yet tarnished,
If only a mirror could reflect the true being,
Eyes see what they want to see,
You are not even close to,
What you wanted to be,
A mirror reflects the lies etched,
Into the memories of each and every being,
Lies, shadows and all the greed,
A river flows within of dirty deeds,
Waiting for the shore to come close,
Need a helping hand to save you,
Save me, save the humanity,
If only a mirror for once,
Could reflect the true me,
Time has shown its colours,
Eyes have withered with time,
A sea is bruised and broken,
A pure kid once lived within,
Echoing the pains and screams,
Words a man couldn’t possibly speak,
If only a mirror could reflect the true sense,
And the awakening of the senses,
To new hopes, new dreams,
A new day has arrived for you and me.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sexual Fantasies

Your hair fall back,
Near the white dreamy curvature,
Where my hand seeps through,
Perspires, shakes beneath,
And you melt into me,
Light passes by, doors creak,
Bed shudders,
Under the weight beneath,
Heart throbs in motion,
I lose my sight for a while,
In your eyes,
Towards the scene,
Where your heart,
Feels the sensation,
Of my clamp, cold hands,
Fingers rest in peace,
Where the curvature,
Of the never ending seams,
Perspire in anguish,
Dreams run wild,
World revolves around,
Bounded by two souls,
One leaves an impression,
Over the other for life,
I am on you,
You are on me,
I am in you,
You are in me,
And my hand,
Rests in peace,
Where the curvature,
Of your heart,
Heaves a sigh of relief,
Chest heaving up and down,
Near the crease,
Your hair fall back,
Near the white seamless curvature,
And my hands seeps through,
Pierces in between,
Bed shudders,
Under the weight beneath.