Monday, June 29, 2009

Sinful Deed

You were the only one standing besides me,

hands clasped together no room to breath,

obscured vision tonight how straight could i see,

sound of the breeze headlights flashing by,

rusting shadows thin as a sheet of greese,

eyes full of sorrow no room for grief,

no pain tommorow suffering for eternity,

looking down at the grave heart pounding in my chest,

sun rising behind the maple shining at her feet,

a symbol of beauty a symbol of pain,

rose petals on her grave mixed fragrance in the air,

firm grip of her hand no more,no feelings to share,

digging up her body for the fifth time as hard as it seems,

seeing her hollow face again my heart filled with glee,

a sinful deed for some a source of living for me,

cannot live without her anymore i wanted to be free,

hands clasped beside her closed the casket,

we were together for eternity.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


If i had to explain my life in 1 word,

the word that comes to my mind would be vibgyor,

now the thought that reaches a normal persons mind,

i think his life was awesome one hell of a ride,

damn my luck if only it could be mine.

sound of the word so soothing as it seems,

now let me explain it to you wat really did my life mean,

'v' was for versatile ways in which i lived,

from a writer to a begger,

how fast could i switch!!

'I' was for invisible the way i roamed the streets,

from a pathetic writer to a sweeper,

in my vibgyor life of fifty,

i really covered some feat!!!

'B' was for beautiful my daughter how pretty was she,

dying on the street with no food to feed,

shivering in my arms till her last breath seized.

'G' was for god if only the passage to heaven was open,

i would have burned down the gates to rest in peace.

'Y' was for years living every second of this hell,

coward as i was couldn't strangle myself to death.

'O' was for organization corruption that we strive in,

sources required everywhere money to bind in,

'R' was for rest in peace that i could never feel,

my soul died with my writings,

i can never sleep.