Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Existence Never Existed

TIME dissolves, hangs in mid air,
Like a pendulum waiting to complete,
Its ever so unaltered, unchangeable path,
Life has to revolve on its own accord,
SPACE between us remains the same,
WINDS have rusted our shadows in tears,
Of bronze and gold, eyes have withered,
Life of notes and verses never rhymes,
Rays of SUN haven’t changed its path,
With time it has outshined, outlined divine,
Holy EARTH embedded with spilled blood,
Smells the same when droplets of WATER,
Whispers to the downtrodden souls,
NATURE finds an alternate path to shine,
Like FIRE illuminating red and orange,
Covering the surface of sun like a helping hand,
Fire keeps igniting, lighting its unaltered path,
Life keeps evolving with the pendulum of time,
ELEMENTS withhold their unchangeable paths,
Souls into ashes, a part of the holy earth,
Nothing changes as the world seems the same,
No more than a breeze melting in thin air,
Our life never existed, rusted with time,
Life keeps revolving on its own accord.

Birth and death is a process, a path that cannot be changed, altered. We all live and then become a part of this holy earth. What I have tried to shown here is that in the end we all have to die, turn into ashes and never exist. But life doesn’t stop, time keeps ticking and so does the life of the people around us. Nature and life keeps evolving. Our existence never mattered, never existed. There is no preaching or anything involved in this piece of work. A simple process of life and death. That life and nature keeps evolving and time never stops.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

True Identity

Been crushed, mistaken, blamed,
For my very own identity,
Holding that single visible thread,
That keeps the sane world in reach,
Behavior of people close to me,
Has affected me, I’m a changed man,
Hard to see when darkness breaches,
Claims to be my savior, engulfs me,
I’m no human being, hard to believe,
Claws of my shadow has coaxed me,
Into undeniable atrocities,
Long back crossed the outline of madness,
Finally found my true identity,
There is darkness and there is light,
Send on earth to create a balance in between,
World would go insane without darkness,
Imagine a world with no happiness to seek,
Take hold of the miserable and the weak,
Random, mundane events chain of calamities,
Destruction, monstrosity in my reach,
I strike a chord between good and evil,
Where god leaves the pitiful human beings,
I stand alone in the dark, I alone preach,
I’m no god’s angel, never meant to be,
I’m just a sickness aching, breathing to seek,
Found in every house, every single community,
I’m religion,
 Creating that barrier in between,
No darkness or light has awaken me,
No living thing, created by human beings,
No blaming on god for all the atrocities,
One day I shall stand alone,
In a room full of darkness and light,
Humans will be the sole bearers,
Of their very own true identities.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

World Through Your Eyes

Me and your magic,
Defies the law of love,
Two mismatched pairs on earth,
Resurrecting the fire within us,
That was once sufficed by on looking eyes,
Build a shelter of our own,
Under the glorious morning sky,
I don’t need a crowd to mystify,
Your eyes work the charm every time,
Waiting for the dawn to arrive,
Above the horizon of your symmetrical design,
We create a perfect balance, we rectify,
I make mistakes on purpose,
I’m a damaged soul; need your love to survive,
Your tresses covering my obscure face,
Savoring your morning breeze,
I go blank; need the soft touch of your skin to revive,
Can’t keep looking at you all the time,
Staring at something so beautiful,
Only god deserves to look in your eyes,
One minute and I’m blinded by your lights,
Sitting at a desk besides yours in a office,
You make see the world,
When I look into your eyes,
I see heaven and hell reunite,
You define the universe for me every time.

You can also check my new poem "i'm a fool i wont deny" below.i have added two new poems in a days gap after a long haitus so do check it out.

I’m A Fool I Won’t Deny

Never been a time in my life,
When the significance of true things,
Of true belongings by my side,
Hasn’t been ignored by my mind,
I have drifted apart and joined back,
Piled up my own feelings,
Regret has always crossed my mind,
I have submerged myself,
In the deepest of the oceans,
Of love and life, drowning inside,
Never cried for help, feelings inside,
Been part of that crammed corner,
All my life, I have died inside,
Thousands of times, buried in the soil,
Of my foolish mind, I have taken my time,
I have fallen for that angel all my life,
Never uttered a single word to signify,
Fear has always conquered my mind,
Don’t know if I will disclose the truth,
Rather live in regret all my life,
I will never fall in love again,
I still keep the ashes of my burned heart,
Reminds me of a soul aching to breathe inside,
I’m a fool for you baby, I won’t deny,
Live by my side like a vivid memory,
I will keep filling the colors of love inside.

(Dedicated to two of my best friends)

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Dear:White Shimmering Piano

I lived on the outskirts,
Far from the reach of human beings,
I was called as someone without feelings,
Now I rest in peace,
I have seen changes around me,
I have seen flowers blooming,
Taking their own time, hesitating,
Giving birth to every petal within,
Once beautiful, so soothing,
Now plucked, broken,
Each and every petal crumbled,
Heart bleeding,
I do have feelings you can’t feel,
I have seen fingers resting,
On that white shimmering piano,
Closing eyes and opening,
Eyelashes flickering,
Heart beat in rhythm with every note,
Like a feather in a breeze,
I have felt music penetrating,
The outskirts of my soul,
Where I once used to live,
Far from the skills of my own,
That magic that thrived for years,
I have felt love, hatred, emotions empowering,
I have cried for years within,
Stand just once not for an hour,
Just for a minute,
Resting fingers on that white shimmering angel,
Making them feel, penetrate,
The outskirts of my ever rhythmic dreams,
I take a bow, thousands clapping, resounding,
That sound ever so out of reach,
Ever so soothing, it never seized,
I will remember that minute all my life,
When I rested my hands,
On that ever shining white piano,
When the whole world,
Felt what I could feel,
Listened to the symphony,
That played within me for years,
I may never stand above,
That stage of my dreams again,
But I will keep accompanying,
My dear white shimmering piano,
I think I will keep playing all my life,
Because me without my music,
Is like a life without dreams.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So this time there’s no poem, no story nothing. My very first personal blog post. This idea of writing a post which is not related to any of my works was by Katie a.k.a blossom.I mean it’s really tough to write this, look at the starting two lines they are the most ridiculous lines that anyone can come up with. Who the hell writes “my very first personal post”??haha. So this post is dedicated to reason one it was my birthday on 30th November so why not celebrate with a new post!!!And I have 30 followers too so why not add some more exclamations like I always do!!!It was one of the most boring birthdays in the history of mankind. I was playing match (cricket match) full day and then I was roaming around my neighborhood garden with my friend’s lolz. Do I sound like one of old age guys who play chess in the garden and check out all the young girls and smile at them with no teeth??I will remain busy for the rest of this week and at the end of this week I will do something that doesn’t sound like as if I’m having a funeral.ohh it’s a personal post so yeah back to the topic. I should tell you all something about me. Basically I’m an athlete and an economics graduate. My height is 6’5 ft haha I had to mention this coz people go mad when they see me. It’s like Shrek 4 or something with me. People look at you as if it’s the end of the world and I’m like their savior or something. A lot of times irritating but who doesn’t like attention??!!Humans are attention hungry hehe especially girls. Ohh would this lead to me receiving hateful comments??hmmm..But that’s a fact right?ohh back to the topic. I like to listen to rock mostly I’m a super big music buff. Always listening to music at full volume. A big movie buff too. I have around 1500 movies in my collection. A Stephen king fan mostly coz I love anything that involves the word “supernatural”. Obsessed with ghost stories and in my childhood days I used to recite these ghost stories which sound funny now but that time they were like scary as hell. Kids are stupid!!My friends used to piss in their pants after listening to all those stupid stories where pair of legs are just floating in mid air behind a window lolz. They used to go together before going home and accompany each other to their respective houses. Those kids were lame haha!!I just hate kids and when I say hate that’s a strong word. Kids are like these small alien type things that cry and poop 24 hours. They are yucky and they are small and super short in front of me and I look like this big giant who is gonna eat them up lol. I think this much is enough about me for now maybe when I complete my 50 posts I will write a post to thank you all for joining my blog, becoming a part of my daily life, providing me that confidence with all those wonderful comments that give me some hope and yeah the fact that ohh I can write haha!!So everyone keep blogging, keep writing and keep reading. I don’t sound so depressing like my pessimistic poems do I??In real life I’m not that serious or anything it’s just that I love to write dark. In the near future I will try to write something that’s hmmm…not all happy happy but brings that single ray of happiness into your lives when you read it.bye for now and take care everyone.

“Having dreams is what makes life tolerable”