Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Existence Never Existed

TIME dissolves, hangs in mid air,
Like a pendulum waiting to complete,
Its ever so unaltered, unchangeable path,
Life has to revolve on its own accord,
SPACE between us remains the same,
WINDS have rusted our shadows in tears,
Of bronze and gold, eyes have withered,
Life of notes and verses never rhymes,
Rays of SUN haven’t changed its path,
With time it has outshined, outlined divine,
Holy EARTH embedded with spilled blood,
Smells the same when droplets of WATER,
Whispers to the downtrodden souls,
NATURE finds an alternate path to shine,
Like FIRE illuminating red and orange,
Covering the surface of sun like a helping hand,
Fire keeps igniting, lighting its unaltered path,
Life keeps evolving with the pendulum of time,
ELEMENTS withhold their unchangeable paths,
Souls into ashes, a part of the holy earth,
Nothing changes as the world seems the same,
No more than a breeze melting in thin air,
Our life never existed, rusted with time,
Life keeps revolving on its own accord.

Birth and death is a process, a path that cannot be changed, altered. We all live and then become a part of this holy earth. What I have tried to shown here is that in the end we all have to die, turn into ashes and never exist. But life doesn’t stop, time keeps ticking and so does the life of the people around us. Nature and life keeps evolving. Our existence never mattered, never existed. There is no preaching or anything involved in this piece of work. A simple process of life and death. That life and nature keeps evolving and time never stops.


  1. 1. Oye, its rays of sun ‘haven’t’ changed its path.
    2. Outshined? I think it should be outshone. But I give you the benefit of doubt. Besides, you have the poetic license to back you up.
    This, my friend, is what I would expect to find in English literature texts. This extremely profound and screamingly intellectual work of yours is something you should be proud of. Let this adorn your resume when you go to publish your dream compilation- “Skand Vohra ki poeme”! Normally I point out some lines which impressed me. Here I can’t and you know why? Coz each and every line is simply brilliant. But most striking of all- the elements forming life scattered throughout, each shining on their own, like stars on a brightly lit night. Way to go man!

  2. life does have a habit of doing its own thing. and some things we just cannot control. ever.

  3. This was great!! Very symbolic...I agree with Daone...Every word and every line has such significant meaning...

  4. this was beautiful, i really liked this one.Im all about images and the images here were great, especailly enhancing the first words of a few phrases, making the image even more prominent.

    it's great to read your stuff again, even if only for a minute. Im sorry i've been so out of touch latey. I'm still waiting on a new lap top so i dont get much computer use and im home now in another state, thousands of miles from the boyfriend and school, just for a few more weeks.

    how did your birthday ever go? and your sisters wedding? what have you been to lately, besids being a beter and more updated write than I am. ha i should have wrote all this on facebook haha

  5. profound!!
    my last post reflects the same..process of life and death..but i must say..this was beautifuly potrayed.

  6. @daone:really thx a lot for such kind words!!yup made the corrections that you suggested.keep reading!!

  7. @shadow:yup u r right!!thx for replying and keep reading!!

  8. @jstar:thx for such kind words and keep reading!!

  9. @katie:really glad to read that you liked my words.i myself have been busy with cricket and i too apologize for not reading your new posts.but i will make sure that in the coming days read each of your new posts.ohh my sisters wedding went really well and my bday hmmm..haha it was awesome.we like had dinner then went roaming on the streets whole night it was really awesome!!anyways keep reading!!

  10. @swati:thx for reading and would definitely take a look at your new post.keep reading!!

  11. The imagery reinforces the message here, not only are you speaking of the fleeting nature of life, but also the fleeting nature of time and that what once was will be blown away, rusted away and be as it never was... Terrific Piece!

  12. @strawberry girl:ohh glad to read you got the idea behind my words very clearly.thx for adding your valuable comments and keep reading!!