Sunday, June 21, 2015


You have been nothing but irrelevant,
A dime in a desert,
The king of the hills,
With no accompanies to shudder,
A ruler of your own force,
A marching band of your kingdom,
This self-made world of yours,
Is nothing but an incarnation,
Of your multiple failures,
You have been the voice of none,
Nor the nurturer of your son,
An imbecilic human being,
With no heart to nudge at,
No rekindling of someone’s strings,
No vital organ in a wet dream,
You need to be straightened,
Beyond recognition,
A perplexed piece,
In a self-woven puzzle,
You are a broken man, my friend,
When will you learn?
This world is moving at a breakneck pace,
A disgrace to your ever lonely face,
No enveloping shoulder to a wife,
No helping hand to your mother,
Yet you walk like you own this place,
Your pants are down my friend,
Your belt buckle sewed to your lace,
And in this ever enriching life of yours,
You are nothing but the reminisces,
Of the extinction of human beings,
A disgrace to the world,
Roll over and die my friend,
For death has no compatriot as low,
As your bent down stature.


I’m the uninhibited, unabashed,
Table spoonful of Shamefulness,
There’s no conspiracy, lies,
No untimely death of characters demise,
I have been shameful, shameless,
All my life,
A moment of truth,
Has been lasting all this time,
No words have been twisted and turned,
Wrapped in a sheet of sweetness,
For others to yearn,
A knight in a shining armor,
A weapon so indestructible,
No one even dares to pry,
I’m as naked as when I’m clothed,
No alter ego accompanied,
By my side,
I’m the pure, untouched, unforced,
Error of this human life,
Neither do I lie for someone’s smile,
Nor walloping as a testament,
To someone’s feelings,
I’m the uninhibited, unabashed,
Table spoon of shame,
And in this world of lies,
I’m the only galloping being,
With myself to blame.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Timid Being

Timid being seems to squirm inside,
Wide eyed,
Love and despair at the same time,
Heart has traveled from buses to trains,
To thousands of miles of unabashed love,
To plunging planes and tidal waves,
A storm seems to disrupt inside,
In colors of gold and grey,
For the first time 6 o’clock feels late,
Night never seems to fade from the eyes,
Heart has been up all night,
Of ever stuttering windows, Rain clouds,
Despair seems to be the chair,
That rocks back on its own accord,
The pendulum seems afraid to venture,
It’s certain, never ending, never changing path,
And the days have been enlightening,
Frightening have been the cold nights,
Loneliness has exchanged numbers,
But never seems to communicate,
Heart has travelled from the shadow to the eyes,
Long winding tresses of Golden Grace,
Her face seems to fade away,
Each time the mind ventures,
The face seems to fade a little more,
Maybe the memories were made to last,
Till the reality dawns it’s awkward embrace,
For the endless time 6 o’clock feels late,
Night never seems to fade,
Heart ponders on its never ending path,
It’s certain, never ending, never changing path,
Love and Despair at the same time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Time has never been kind,
Always blinded by naked lights,
Lights synchronize in glitter and gold,
You are no more, strong, neither bold,
Neither the apple of someone’s eye,
For what seems to rhyme a lie,
Is actually a forgotten dream,
You are the river, flowing stream,
In pure sense an upheaval of senses,
Drenched in the love of endless creaks,
And no matter how hard you try,
To make sense of the words above,
Tides are not measured by the guy,
Standing near the beginning of the beach,
For dip your soul, your posterior, interior,
Into a seamless breeze, not afraid to drown,
Wear that frown like a crown underneath,
You have been the queen of someone’s desires,
Tired is your soul, down on your knees,
And in this sensible world of yours,
You are the only one senseless enough,
To make the mistakes of a child,
To be the responsible adult,
And to die like every other person,
Ought to be,
For nothing needs to be reasoned,
Not every word needs a reasoning,
For in true sense gibberish is the only word,

That makes sense to me.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Being Immortal

For you are glorious, it means,
As the possibility of love,
Has never been of one long kiss,
Of starry nights, long goodbyes,
Of that strand of hair on my sleeve,
For the door has always been left open,
And the wind has never been so colder,
For the possibility of love has been minimal,
And in untimed circumstances, blossomed,
On some days, the sun has been kinder,
Immortality has been a passing thought,
For love has never been by my side,
For it has taken ages to find true love,
And the possibility of love,
To make ends meet, opposites attract,
And all the rubbish people come up with,
It has been a never ending journey,
For you are glorious, it means,
And the idea of immortality,
To blossom love in untimed circumstances,
Need not abide by the time, granted by God,
For even time will have to bow down beneath,
As the possibility of love,
Has never been of one long kiss,
Of starry nights, long goodbyes,
For that ever so lonely heart,
Pounds in between the two spaces,
For you are glorious, it means,
And the idea of immortality,
Has never been a passing phase for me,
For the realization has been there,
Death has never been a friend in need,
And in all your glory, unprecedented,
Unabashed, unashamed, blatant,
The journey was never written,
With an ending or a beginning,
And the idea of immortality,

Has never been of passing phase to me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In the land of Dwarves and Normal beings,
Stood a man high above the skies,
Where the sun touched the rim,
Of his ever bowed down collar,
And as he stood above the rest,
In search of something,
He could call as his own,
Made for the similar beings,
10 ft above the land,
Embark where none could reach,
Something that could change everything,
And so he called the rest of the beings,
Who ever closer, but not as high as him,
He was proclaimed as the King,
Of the tallest human beings,
Together they removed the dirt,
Blood and bones deep beneath,
Drew parallel lines in between,
The king wanted a rim that could be touched,
Only by the chosen ones themselves,
And so the rim was perched high above the trees,
Far from the reach of fellow human beings,
A golden carved ball, gleaming with prosperity,
Two teams of equal metal, a line in between,
And a heart with hopes and dreams,
And so the dwarves and normal beings,
Stood on the sidelines, rejoicing,
For the ones who had lost their place,
For beings different, for not being normal,
And so the King took the final leap,
To touch the rim with trembling hands,

An Era of sporting rivalry had begun.