Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Note of a Lover

Write a note,
On a piece of paper,
Till the lines decide,
To overflow from the edges,
Towards the table,
Tumbles down the legs,
Rattles on the floor,
And the earth starts to crumble,
Under the weight of this heavy load,
And the words don't feel empty,
Till the feelings are injected,
Like a speaker waiting to fumble,
And look for a new word in vain,
Lines shatter on the floor,
Till the whore behind the curtains,
Starts to suffocate,
Under the arm of its lover,
And the words don't feel the same,
Till the tears are rejected,
Dejected are the thoughts,
And the morning crumbles,
Into oblivion,
As the weight of the words,
Never feel the same again,
And the whore behind the curtain,
Starts to fade away,
Till a hand reaches in distress,
Picks up the pieces,
Of the shattered lines,
Hands shivering in strain,
Till blood starts to trickle,
And the candle flickers,
Burns the curtains into ashes,
Love don't need to die in vain,
Write a note,
On a vein,
Till the words decide to penetrate,
Into each and every grain,
Straining, in pain,
Flowing between the lanes,
Love needs to be injected,
And the love never feels the same,
Till the words start to shatter,
And the earth needs a grip,
To uphold its stage,
As it is the sole creator,
Weighs far more then this silly thing,
Called love,
Love starts to penetrate,
Seeping through the gaps,
Like light trying to find its way,
Playing hide and seek with the pain,
Write a note,
For your lover,
Till the love starts to irritate,
Each and every muscle of your face,
Into a smile,
Light flickers, never fades away,
Earth needs a miracle,
To bloom a flower,
Into a lover,
Write a note,
In mid air,
Till words start to evaporate,
And the tiny glimpse of love,
Like a morning dew,
Touches the skin of your lover,
And the morning hew,
Sets on her face,
Like a sun,
Fed up of its usual routine,
Needs to break away,
Write a word,
For your lover,
Till the word,
Loses its meaning,
To be called as insane,
By the world,
Love never feels the same,
Till the words are injected,
Love feels like migraine,
Waiting to break the barriers,
Stray away,
Write a note,
For your lover,
Till love never feels the same.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love me like a Beast

Love me,
Like a beast,
Scratching, contorting me,
Under the sheets,
Let me taste your lips,
Nibble them, bite them,
Pierce through me,
I don’t need a piece of you baby,
I want the hold deal,
A part of you,
Won’t let me seize,
Hunger of a lion,
Roars through me,
Catch a hold of your breath,
Suffocate me baby,
Pain needs to flow through me,
Love you,
Like a beast,
Pin me down baby,
Roll me down on the floor,
A part of you won’t stop me,
I want the hold deal,
Let the poison of your love,
Arrest all my senses,
Stenches of your love,
Has left a shadow on me,
Need to wipe them out,
Before the whole world sees,
Let me grab you by your hair,
Straining each and every grain,
Till the pain retorts to awake,
I need to eat you up baby,
I want the hold deal,
Let me seal you lips,
Till you suffocate,
I don’t want you to be seen,
Jealously overshadows me,
I want your skin scratched,
Peeled through your body,
And pin it up a wall,
Like a memory,
I just don’t want you baby,
I want the whole damn deal.