Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Ness In Bits And Pieces

Happyness regurgitating from every pore,
Of your skin like a dam full of freshness,
Sensation of pure water on your cheeks,
Meets between your eye and your lips,
Like a shadow of an unseen dream,
Gleaming sun rays on the helm,
Of an early morning rainbow scene,
You are a book of unfortunate events,
I’m a mistake of all your sins,
Glass once full, spilling from the brim,
Taste of your lips on the golden seam,
Like a poison slowly arresting all my senses,
You are the shadow in dense dark forests,
I’m the sun creeping behind the horizon,
I long and crave as time passes by,
I beg and pray as destiny separates me from you,
I hold onto that gleaming thread,
As darkness resurfaces over me,
I will hold onto your hand when my time will arrive,
As there is no heavenly way to die,
Than in the arms of your love,
When she caresses your hair assuring,
Hold onto me and everything will be all right.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Footmarks On A Beach

Each time she left a footmark,
On the white sandy beaches,
Thousands of waves crashing each time,
Tried to erase the markings,
Left on its white sandy belongings,
Were left in vain and misery,
As she had trespassed that very same route,
All her life in happiness and pain,
Engraved her signature as time,
Seeped through the sand dunes,
And defined all her life in a few footsteps,
Living all alone by herself all these days,
And then came the day,
When she never actually did come again,
But found a boy at the edge of the bay,
And she touched her palms with his,
And nervousness and sense of reality,
Seeped through the sand dunes of time,
And she never actually did go again,
But created her own beach in a world,
Where she felt love and pain again,
But this time loneliness never recognised her,
And so she and him left their markings,
And erased them on their own again,
In hope of coming each day,
And creating a new footsteps of their own,
As time slowly trickled through the sand dunes,
And she felt that she is at last,
Home again.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joy Called Life

Time talks to me sometimes,
In close whispers,
You are running out of me son,
I cant wait for you anymore,
If only i had some time,
Life like a rainbow of memories,
Paint a picture of your dreams,
Colors start to slowly fade around,
Reality seems so far fetched to me,
Like a soul waiting for its burial ground,
I know its hard to be at peace,
My mother always used to tell me,
Its hard to stay at the receiving end of time,
So sit back and breathe for a while,
Life will be one marathon of a journey,
So stand up and run while it lasts,
When droplets of hardwork,
Will trickle dow your freckled skin,
You will taste the joy of life in time,
Hold the hands of time in a tight grip,
And stare at the sky full of shining stars,
You will recognize a face,
Somewhere between the stars and your dreams,
Telling you what a journey life is,
I enjoyed mine,
Did you take the time out?
To enjoy yours,
Sit back and relax for a while my son,
Stand up and keep running,
Breathe the time of your life,
And you will taste the joy called life in time.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Very First Tree

The day I climbed,
My life’s very first tree,
I sat on the edge of a branch,
Stole that very moment,
And savored it for a while,
Kept it in my blue jeans,
Staring at the world below me,
Sound of the birds chirping,
I felt like a king for some time,
The day I climbed,
My life’s very first tree,
The branch made a tiny creak,
And I hit the pavement in no time,
The very same day,
I earned my very first plaster,
My friends scribbling on it,
Till there was no room to write,
That very same moment,
Came after twenty years,
In my life,
I climbed a tree for my love,
This time holding the branch very tight,
And I drew that very same moment,
From the pit of my jeans,
Felt like it just happened a while back,
I jumped from the tree,
And landed silently besides her,
Filling her face with rage she said,
“You could have fractured your hand”
I returning her a faint smile,
Eyes gleaming I kissed her holding tight,
I whispered,” on the bright side,
I would have earned a brand new plaster,
And you could have scribbled all night”.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Killed A Baby

Sweet little child,
Innocent smile,
Shred you into pieces,
You are a pain to my eyes,
You whine and you cry,
All the time,
Let me hold your neck,
In my arms tonight,
Till you squabble and wriggle,
Let me suffocate you tonight,
Bury your disgusting body,
Under the hardwood floor,
Born on the darkest of nights,
You son of a whore,
Why don’t you just disappear?
Out of sight,
Sweet little child,
You are piece of my heart,
Why don’t I just pierce?
Shards of glasses,
In your eyes tonight,
We never wanted you,
He never wanted you,
Just an old piece of junk,
Why don’t you just,
Roll over and die tonight,
.45 I place on his temple,
Silent roar of gun in thin air,
I killed my fucking unwanted baby,