Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Footmarks On A Beach

Each time she left a footmark,
On the white sandy beaches,
Thousands of waves crashing each time,
Tried to erase the markings,
Left on its white sandy belongings,
Were left in vain and misery,
As she had trespassed that very same route,
All her life in happiness and pain,
Engraved her signature as time,
Seeped through the sand dunes,
And defined all her life in a few footsteps,
Living all alone by herself all these days,
And then came the day,
When she never actually did come again,
But found a boy at the edge of the bay,
And she touched her palms with his,
And nervousness and sense of reality,
Seeped through the sand dunes of time,
And she never actually did go again,
But created her own beach in a world,
Where she felt love and pain again,
But this time loneliness never recognised her,
And so she and him left their markings,
And erased them on their own again,
In hope of coming each day,
And creating a new footsteps of their own,
As time slowly trickled through the sand dunes,
And she felt that she is at last,
Home again.


  1. Beautifully written, as always!

  2. aaya bada white sandy dil wala racist......... :P
    nice nice :) :)

  3. @amy:thx for becoming a part of my world!!keep reading!!

  4. @jstar:i always appreciate your words!!thx for reading!!

  5. @anushka:haha thx re and keep reading!!

  6. Beautiful is the word. You have created a vivid imagery with a gentle theme. Liked it :)