Friday, April 2, 2010

My Very First Tree

The day I climbed,
My life’s very first tree,
I sat on the edge of a branch,
Stole that very moment,
And savored it for a while,
Kept it in my blue jeans,
Staring at the world below me,
Sound of the birds chirping,
I felt like a king for some time,
The day I climbed,
My life’s very first tree,
The branch made a tiny creak,
And I hit the pavement in no time,
The very same day,
I earned my very first plaster,
My friends scribbling on it,
Till there was no room to write,
That very same moment,
Came after twenty years,
In my life,
I climbed a tree for my love,
This time holding the branch very tight,
And I drew that very same moment,
From the pit of my jeans,
Felt like it just happened a while back,
I jumped from the tree,
And landed silently besides her,
Filling her face with rage she said,
“You could have fractured your hand”
I returning her a faint smile,
Eyes gleaming I kissed her holding tight,
I whispered,” on the bright side,
I would have earned a brand new plaster,
And you could have scribbled all night”.


  1. unforgettable experience...ouch though
    loved this

  2. Aww such a sweet one!Right after killing a baby this one was a welcome change :)