Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Killed A Baby

Sweet little child,
Innocent smile,
Shred you into pieces,
You are a pain to my eyes,
You whine and you cry,
All the time,
Let me hold your neck,
In my arms tonight,
Till you squabble and wriggle,
Let me suffocate you tonight,
Bury your disgusting body,
Under the hardwood floor,
Born on the darkest of nights,
You son of a whore,
Why don’t you just disappear?
Out of sight,
Sweet little child,
You are piece of my heart,
Why don’t I just pierce?
Shards of glasses,
In your eyes tonight,
We never wanted you,
He never wanted you,
Just an old piece of junk,
Why don’t you just,
Roll over and die tonight,
.45 I place on his temple,
Silent roar of gun in thin air,
I killed my fucking unwanted baby,


  1. And he’s back! The dark genius is back! I feel like abusing you right now, peppering this comment with losts of fuck you’s and you sonofabitch’s because that’s how disgustedly impressed I am. This was not evil, it was a product of a swine-mind plotting apocalypse- as alarming, as infuriating and as great of a magnitude. An absolute delight.
    P.S. I really can’t hold myself back- FUCK YOU MAN!

  2. Wow that was thoroughly dark and disturbing.But thanks for explaining the actions of the narrator through the lines-

    We never wanted you,
    He never wanted you,

    Welcome back to blogging! :)