Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parallel Lines

I wrote a few verses for you, baby,
Poked a few pencils in my eyes,
It never rhymed the way it used to,
Our love was like two parallel lines,
We scribbled a few triangles,
And we scribbled a few squares,
But our heart never had a circle,
What went around never came back,
So the feeling of sadness swept over me,
Took a pencil, poked a few holes in a paper,
And the lines rhymed for the first time,
Miseries and tragedies are a poet’s soul mate,
And the parallel lines meet for the first time,
And the theories of maths went haywire that time,
Poked a few holes in a few scientists tonight,
So they dropped their lab coats and sheets,
Picked up a broken pencil and scribbled,
A few theories tonight,
That rhymed for the first time,
And the whole world witnessed the power,
Of rhymes and verses for the first time,
When I poked a few holes in the sky,
And the earth and sky meet for the first time,
Amalgamation was beautiful from naked eyes,
But the shallow people left a few blotches,
On the skin of the clear sky,
But I remained unperturbed and woken,
And my eyes never slept for the first time,
And drew a probability and a possibility,
That merged together and created hope,
For the first time and so everyone rejoiced,
And I felt miserable for the first time,
As each and every person thought he was a poet,
And so the poets took the path,
Of the parallel lines.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Beginning

Her chest heaving and the morning dew,
Sliding from her cheek to her neck,
And the sun setting in the midst,
Too afraid of the glare of her,
And in the spur of the moment,
I kissed her below the morning sunless sky,
And the whole world glowed along,
To play a song of love for me and her,
And the sun and moon arms together,
Watched me and her from behind,
In jealousy that they may never meet again,
And their love won’t be as pure as ours,
Outmatching the clear blue sky long time back,
When I kissed her and she shying away,
Blushing away towards the night sky,
And I stood at the edge of the peak behind,
Shouting to the nature and the trees and sky,
That I may never be the same again ever,
In this life of mine and she may never be,
Away from me as I need a heart to stay alive.