Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Someday You And Me

This room is too full of people,
It’s suffocating me from inside,
Clutching onto my throat,
Illusion of the sun and stars,
I think the sun lost its panache,
Long time back when the,
Hatching of the eggs,
Didn’t make any sense to me,
Life is nothing but a deep,
Black hole full of possibilities,
Someday I will submerge myself,
Half naked, stripped apart in it,
And see the underwater world,
So calm and serene,
And I may begin thinking,
What would the tiny fish do?
When the big bad shark,
Ate all of her family,
And was left all alone,
With no room to breathe,
And I may whisper to the tiny fish,
Revenge is a deep black hole,
Full of endless possibilities,
You may either submerge in it,
Blindly or rather swim in it,
As life is a deep blue ocean,
Of endless depths and dreams,
You are no less than a shark,
Someday you may grow,
Bigger than it may seem,
And I shall grow fins and wings,
That day and swim in my dreams,
Fly to the surface of the moon,
And sit beside a crater for a while,
And begin to think,
What would have Neil Armstrong done?
If he would have fallen in it,
Life is a black hole of possibilities,
And 40 years later,
I would have seen his hand,
Reaching the end of his journey,
And I would have lend a helping hand,
Welcome my friend to a world,
Where someday you and I,
Shall sit back and think,
What a rush of a journey life is.

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