Friday, June 25, 2010

Imperfect Love

And the show may not halt in between,
And I may remain as an unseen dream,
As the life once lived cannot be relived,
Make a memory of a few bamboo sticks,
Lovers and dreams and tragedies,
Flex and drift shall survive the scene,
Memories once woven of golden seams,
Rings and kisses of all the possibilities,
Glimpse of a beauty, weakening of the knees,
Memories once painted on the walls of dreams,
Little red bird on the window pane shall sing,
Whirlpool of emotions and I May not blink,
Bird may fly away towards the rainbow scene,
Life once lived like a bunch of bees in sync,
And I may not be more than what I am,
And may be more than what I have been,
And for her may be a few bamboo sticks may lean,
As she outsmarts the beauty of a perfect scene,
And I may be the imperfect beauty within,
As the life once seen cannot be relived,
And I may be more than a dream when she sees,
As there are far less possibilities of me being alone,
In this crowded city of scenes and dreams,
And I may blush her chin with a kiss of my lips,
And the little red bird within me shall sing,
As the life lived without her was never lived,
And I may sacrifice a thousand rainbow scenes,
And live a life of imperfectness with her life within.

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  1. d imperfection wdin ones luv... sounds so perfect. Lovely...!