Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Death And Tragedies

Meteors and planets all over my face,
Hovering and colliding under my deep,
Dark nose as if an ongoing race,
And the world seems so far fetched,
When I’m one of a kind in this pity race,
Of animals and human beings,
Six strings attached don’t make for a rope,
I’m that fear in your eyes when you sleep,
And the dreams vaporize as if never existed,
Souls burnt together never rest in peace,
And the pity humans shall beg for mercy,
When the sun and the moon inside of me,
Collide and vaporize, dissolve and solve,
Heart like a dark well of hollow and screams,
And the devil sings the song of death,
And tragedies as this world is no more than,
A dustbin lying in an alley full of torn clothes,
And shit and this world may be smoldered,
Some day when the devil shall take the podium,
And sing a song of death and tragedies,
As this world once created by the almighty,
Seems like a scenery behind a window pane,
Full of broken glasses and shards of screams,
If bad was good this world would have seemed,
Perfect to me, as the God once called as,
The almighty, is now resting in peace,
And this world is no less than a death,
And no more than a tragedy to me,
And some day the devil may burn down this place,
And sing a song of death and tragedies.

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  1. a new definition to poetic nightmare. Brilliant!