Friday, January 14, 2011


I’m no immortal being dear,
Time never fails to pass me by,
Heart ponders within its region,
What’s the significance of it pounding?
If there’s no one to suffice,
And the reach of the palms,
Slowly melts between the gap,
Where your hand and mine,
Never crosses the outskirts,
Of this unknown path,
What’s the significance of it craving?
If the doors of heaven never pry,
And the soul staggers under the weight,
Of your piercing deep blue eyes,
There’s nothing else in this world to justify,
But god resides in your eyes,
Heart craves in search of something divine,
What’s the significance of it praying?
If there’s no one to suffice,
And the heart signifies the longing,
Pain is just a melodramatic exit,
To this shameless act called love,
Embarrassment never fails to pass me by,
And the curtains slowly creep from behind,
Enveloping me into the darkness,
And the hunger squirms within the region,
What’s the significance of loving?
If there’s no one to suffice.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Naked Truth

When the day arrives,
Will you be standing naked?
Staring at the window panes,
Like the sun needs a space,
To define all its life,
In a single strain of your hair,
Matching the colors of the hangings,
On the walls scratched, contorted,
Nails pierced through the pains,
Glowing darkness remains the same,
Suddenly life begs for a need,
Each and every grain needs a change,
And the window pane keeps calling you,
Like a string tied to your toes,
Dragging you towards the end,
Like a wish, wanted to be fulfilled,
Every person needs a day,
When the window isn’t open,
But transfigured into a way,
A journey that needs an end,
Peace, solitude and the things,
Foolish for a man to please,
Like happiness injected mercilessly,
Each and every muscle strains,
To bring a smile to your face,
That may change the fate,
Write a note on the walls of your destiny,
That life was never a waste,
Living like a series of ropes tied together,
Straining to make an individual name,
Like every beginning needs an end,
The rope of life is strained, need to break,
Suffocation needs a marking,
To remind what the end is,
And so the beginning lies in shame,
As the grip of the rope tightens,
Every beginning needs an end,
Every end needs a day,
Darkness envelops you one last time,
In free falling there’s no pain,
Final thud on the wall of destiny,
Name scratched with blood and pain.