Monday, January 3, 2011

Naked Truth

When the day arrives,
Will you be standing naked?
Staring at the window panes,
Like the sun needs a space,
To define all its life,
In a single strain of your hair,
Matching the colors of the hangings,
On the walls scratched, contorted,
Nails pierced through the pains,
Glowing darkness remains the same,
Suddenly life begs for a need,
Each and every grain needs a change,
And the window pane keeps calling you,
Like a string tied to your toes,
Dragging you towards the end,
Like a wish, wanted to be fulfilled,
Every person needs a day,
When the window isn’t open,
But transfigured into a way,
A journey that needs an end,
Peace, solitude and the things,
Foolish for a man to please,
Like happiness injected mercilessly,
Each and every muscle strains,
To bring a smile to your face,
That may change the fate,
Write a note on the walls of your destiny,
That life was never a waste,
Living like a series of ropes tied together,
Straining to make an individual name,
Like every beginning needs an end,
The rope of life is strained, need to break,
Suffocation needs a marking,
To remind what the end is,
And so the beginning lies in shame,
As the grip of the rope tightens,
Every beginning needs an end,
Every end needs a day,
Darkness envelops you one last time,
In free falling there’s no pain,
Final thud on the wall of destiny,
Name scratched with blood and pain.

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