Thursday, December 2, 2010

Her Symphony

Has to be a place,
There, lie the memories,
Where, every single tear,
Within, the voice of her,
Echoes, of the tragedy,
Truth, in comfort with,
Lies, her silky smooth skin,
Scarred, rests in fear,
Sister, don’t you leave me,
Why, once the memories,
Lived, haunts me,
Still, shadows of her,
The, reality of my world,
Blurs, through the gaps,
Seeps, every single possibility,
Unnerving, back my senses,
Forcing, why don’t you leave me,
Sister, has to be a way,
There, together we may,
Where, under the oak tree,
Sit, our own world of innocence,
Within, reach for you again,
Sister, into the final leap,
Plunge, is still and silent,
Backdrop, the symphony plays,
And, the same memory,
Replay, again and again,
Recreates, my life never means,
Still, evaporates into the darkness,
Days, my hand overlaps her,
When, she sits close to me,
Forever, the truth is,
Ached, heart drowns within,
The, never changes,
Truth, we shall be,
Sister, cry for me,
Never, the memories,
Will, the pain in me,
Resurrect, each and every shriek,
Recapture, the life through me,
Suffocate, to live,
Deserve, rot for eternity,

2nd line onwards- first word of each and every line can be replaced by the 1st word following it.each and every 1st word can also stand on its own for each and every line of the poem. completely change the meaning of the poem according to the reader.

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