Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Old Shoes

My dear old shoes,
Lost their soul today,
When the feet within them,
Started to suffocate,
Confined were the dreams,
Within the enclosed space,
Needed an outlet to break away,
And so he ran for miles and miles,
Till the legs gave away,
Clasping the dreams within,
In fear of dream going astray again,
And the feet within screamed in pain,
A space once sufficient for an eternity,
Looks at me like a gaping hole,
Telling me to climb over the fences,
Within and run away,
As the opportunity sleeps besides you,
You just need to stay awake,
And so the feet roared in pain,
As the sound of stinging feet,
Blared, screamed in mid air,
My dear old shoes,
Finally comes the day,
When the person within,
No longer wants to fit,
Suffocating, gasping for some air,
My green and white shoes,
Lost their sole today,
When the person within them,
Didn’t want to suffocate.


  1. Isn't there a lil mistake : "Lost their soul today" (3rd verse from the back).

    But the meaning of the poem is very deep. The comparison is beautiful and smartly composed.

    Well done. Looking fwd to your next works.

  2. @miss tree: oh its soul only as the person isn't free and as i mentioned is confined within the barriers, that's why the word finally changes to sole as he broke free. thx for reading and commenting. keep writing.

  3. Ok now i got it.
    My pleasure :) . Looking forward to your next work. I enjoy reading poetry of all sorts and in different styles.
    I write as well. You can check my works when you get time. :)