Friday, October 30, 2009

I Dreamt A Dream

Times when I just sit in a corner,
Staring somewhere far above me,
Resting my vision somewhere perfect,
Somewhere perfect, where it’s hard to see,
Pressing my legs against my skin,
I feel like, I shouldn’t dream,
Single tear travelling down my face,
Laying on my chin for a second,
Dropping, leaving me alone again,
Placing my happy times, days,
Aligning them in front of sorrow,
Victim of my own shadows,
Darkness prevails over me,
Time tickles down in seconds,
Minutes, hours, days, eternity,
Dream dreamt as a dream,
Remains forever as a dream,
Pain suffices for some time,
And reality overcomes,
As a flailing shadow,
This was just the beginning,
Remaining life lost somewhere,
Somewhere within the depths,
Of the lost dream,
I dreamt a dream once,
It remained forever as a dream.

How does it feel when dreams remain unfulfilled.when that greatest thing,the most desired of all thing remains as a mere thought in your belief has always been that pain heals with time.but pain of a broken dream always remains until you die.i think my life would change if i'm unable to make it into reality.i think a dream follows you forever.i think i will follow mine if there is a life after this until i achieve what i seek.i dont know whether i will make it or not but i will follow it till the matter how many lives it takes.i still dream a dream.


  1. Don't give it up. I know you can achieve whatever you want in life. It takes time. Patience is a virtue. If you have it, everything will be ok.

    Love the poem. Makes me ponder.

  2. Champi, you are maturing fast. It’s sometimes hard to have to portray just thoughts and you are more of a conceptual writer. But this one differs from rest and how! There are several things I liked about this one starting with the end of your abrupt sentencing style. Secondly, a departure from the fantasy, which can get tiring after a while, and dabbling into the human stuff. Thirdly, this poem, I repeat, has a mature feel to it. It reflects the confidence you have gained in your own abilities. And going by the prolific nature off your blog, it is indeed commendable that you still dish out impressive stuff. Lastly, I would like to point of the specific parts which I liked (too many but I’l list the top ones)
    1. …Placing my happy times, days,
    Aligning them in front of sorrow..
    2. Dream dreamt as a dream,
    Remains forever as a dream
    Lovely alliteration in (2)

  3. I totally agree with Daone, your poems reflect great insight, lot of thought and ample amount of maturity.

    Great selection of the topics you write about.

    Keep up the wonderful work :) It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.


  4. @garnet:yup thats why i will follow my dream no matter how many lives it takes!!thx for reading and replying and glad to know that my poems gives a reason to think!!keep reading!!

  5. @daone:haha thx a lot re for all the kind words!!you made my day with your comment!!yeah i think i have matured in the way I'm able to describe my ideas now!!i keep my words straight and simple!!i don't think much just follow the flow of words!!haha yup I'm posting for the past 1 week at breakneck speed but what can i do my mind is just full to the brim with ideas!!thx for the appreciation!!keep reading!!

  6. @chatterbox:ohh thx a lot for such kind words!!yeah my mind is going all crazy with ideas i have been typing like mad for the past 1 week.i wake up like 2 in the night and start writing on my mobile so that i don't forget my idea!!keep reading!!cheers!!

  7. the way you write!!! so much clarity and maturity in your words...keep writing.

    and love your spirit...people usually just give up if things don't go the way they want it to...but i liked the way you said you will still dream a dream and keep going!

    i'm blogrolling you.

  8. I sure hope to goodness that all your dreams are fulfilled.
    I know reality is harsh and things always don't go the way we had planned they would but then again without our dreams we are nothing.
    About your sounded perfect.I can only see maturity and profound insight into the human psyche through these lines..come to think of it you're slowly turning into one of my favorite poets on Blogger. :)
    Cheers and dream on!

  9. you have an award waiting for you on my blog..come visit!

  10. @titaxy:ohh hey thx for reading,replying and following my blog!!glad that you found meaning in my words and my work!!and also thx for the award!!glad to receive an appreciation for my work!!keep reading!!

  11. @samadrita:yup we are nothing without dreams as i always say "having dreams is what makes life tolerable"
    ohh hehe glad to know that I'm among your fav poets!!hehe but why slowly,you are one hardcore critic!!thx for replying!!yup u too dream on and keep reading!!

  12. I love it! I felt the emotions of feeling alone...Beautifully written! I am honored to be a new follower of your blog, and your right there are not too many people who have poetry on their blog, so I am glad I have someone else's poetry to read :)

  13. @jstar:hey thx for replying and for following.ohh glad to know that you liked my poem!!yup always a pleasure to meet a fellow poet!!keep reading!!

  14. Hey YOU Are good! I love your poems. Thanks for coming by !! Btw May I ask- How did you get to me?
    Thank you!

  15. @dulce:oh hey thx for visiting my blog and reading my poems.ohh i found your blog in inky's blog list.I'm looking for more and more to read other people's poems!!keep reading!!

  16. Heavealie, TY for your comments. WOw you are truly a wonderful poet and young at that .. smiles.. I was going to ask how you found my blog, I see Dulce asked the same..
    Never give up on dreams, dreams can come true.

  17. @inky:ohh mention not and yeah thx for visiting my blog!!ohh found your blog on dulce's page haha it was like a chain of blogs!!ohh i have been poems all my life i mean for the past 10yrs or something!!ohh hope keeps me ticking!!keep reading!!

  18. don't ever give up on your dream. no matter how old you get, dreams may change, but dream, dream, dream...

  19. @shadow:hey shadow thx for visiting my blog!!yup that's why i wrote in the end that i still dream!!keep reading!!

  20. oh so glad to have stopped by, a profound mind, thought process, one to attain, cherish and ponder...lovely!

  21. @kay:thx for reading and for such kind words!!glad to see that u took the time out to visit my blog!!keep reading!!