Tuesday, October 27, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Mesmerizing Night

Rosemary sang a song for me every night standing near her window.
I stood there every night mesmerized by her beauty and her voice.
Her smile reminded me of my mother, her eyes were full of innocence.
Four weeks later came the night.

She was hanging from the ceiling.
There was silence that night.


  1. Hmm, this one’s slightly better. Though wacky at first glance, this is how 55 fiction is. The last line was the uplifting one. Decent.
    P.S.: Rosemary, huh? Niiice!

  2. Yea this one's more like it.Although you could've altered the ending so that the 'She was hanging from the ceiling.' sentence came last.Just a suggestion though...
    Good story. :)

  3. @daone:ohh i wont compare the two!!first one was written just to add that light factor to my blog.glad that everyone took it in a fun way!!this one-haha i was back to my darker side!!and in the near future too you will find mostly these type of 55 fiction story's only from me!!thx for reading and replying!!yeah i luv the name rosemary!!keep reading!!

  4. @samadrita:ohh swapping the two sentences would have completely altered the ending!!read it the other way and you will find out wat i mean!!glad that you liked my work!!thx for replying!!keep reading!!