Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Together Forever

Road to my past,
Pierces through my heart,
With vengeance and revenge,
Submerged in it,
Keep drowning in that river of pain,
That you suffered all your life,
Questioning the authority,
The godforsaken almighty,
For the decisions he takes,
In his everyday life,
Twenty two years of cancer,
Disrupting every life within you,
You lying on your death bed,
Most of your life,
Your grave would feel,
More comfortable to you,
Kept looking at her,
Staring into her thoughts,
Clicking a mental picture of her,
Replay it in my memory,
Unforgettable times,
Till it becomes a vein in my brain,
Pulsating, running, keeping me alive,
Fists closing and opening,
She succumbed to death,
I cringe in a corner,
Thinking about the ways,
In which I can commit suicide,
Cannot live this life anymore,
Without listening to your voice,
Screaming, crying for help,
Begging to receive my love,
Light shining from a window above me,
Calling me, whispering in my ears,
I stand on the threshold,
Where she lying dead and me on the verge,
Of giving her company,
One step ahead I chose my destiny,
I died the day she died,
Although she was the one diagnosed,
With cancer,
It pulsated and survived,
For twenty two years,
Inside of me.

i changed the ending at the very last minute.to show how powerful love is,how it commands our life,makes us do things we never even imagined.love can make you do wonderful things,achieve things which are just impossible and also completely destroy you.grab you by the arms and drag you to the threshold of good or bad.for some love is like a meaning to life,like a purpose.a emotion so powerful that even god bows down in front of it.love so sincere so serene is the cause of all the waves in the sea of your heart beat.beating and pulsating just for the sake of feeling this emotion whole life and some of them are not satisfied even after so many years.


  1. I really liked this piece. The way you wrote you were able to truly convey how powerful love is indeed. Another thing that is evident is the intensity of passion and emotion that is present in the relationship.

    Just as good is the pain that you can feel by reading the words.

    Great piece!

  2. An excellent surge of overflowing emotions. It's a touching & a powerful piece of poetry just like all your poems are.

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  3. @dave:thx for reading and replying!!glad that you could feel such emotions through my words!!keep reading!!

  4. @chatterbox:ohh thx for such kind words!!i thought most of readers wont like the ending!!glad that they accepted the way it ended!!thx for replying!!keep reading!!cheers!!

  5. Unforgettable times,
    Till it becomes a vein in my brain
    Wow man! Lately you’ve been using some delighting similes. Personally, I think that you could’ve done without an explanation in this one coz then it feels like an English class in the school in which the teacher reads out the poem n then explains. In some poems, it is necessary but this one was pretty simple.
    Nice n warm work.

  6. @daone:thx for reading and replying!!yeah the poem was pretty simple but i just wanted to tell something,my views about this great thing called love!!thx for the advice!!keep reading!!