Friday, October 23, 2009

And So They Shall Rise

Shape of an angel,
On a mantelpiece,
Surrounded by shadows of death,
Gazes upon the onlookers,
Slithering smiles on their faces,
Seeking the angel with detest,
Creates a circle of dust,
Around the lone angel of love,
They casting a look of insanity,
Of lust, of desires, cravings,
Never ending hunger of power,
Closing the range of circle,
To quench their thirst,
From the angel of love,
She begs for mercy,
She cries and cries,
Tears flowing down her tresses,
Seizing the last pitfall,
Of her demise,

“Those who seek shall be granted the way to the forbidden power and they will rise when the occasion comes to survive and the desire to live the life on the mercy of their own, and so they rise”
So she gazed upon,
The shadows of death,
And so she cried and cried,
Seeking for mercy,
Begging for their lives,
Too late to perish,
The awakening power,
And so shall and will,
Remain as the saying,
Carved on the mantelpiece,
That those who have the will,
And the hunger to survive,
And live on their terms,
Shall be granted,
The highest power,
To rain death upon the devils,
Of lust and desires,
And shall rise to the occasion,
When the need to survive,
Becomes their utmost desire.

This poem is a mirror image of my earlier work titled “I’m a rape victim”. I will elaborate on my work so that you will have a clear idea of what was running in my mind when I penned this down. In “I’m a rape victim” I had shown that the girl was completely destroyed, ruined and betrayed from her own life. In this work I have universally considered women as angels of god. I have shown the work and power of god in this work. When the time will come when an angel has to beg for her own life, to survive, to live the life she was granted by her creator, she would be given the utmost power of raining death upon the devils and the evils of the world. At that situation when their ultimate desire becomes surviving and the will to live. They shall rise to the occasion and shall conquer the desired.In other words i have considered women as someone with godlike powers.we all know that women have the power to give birth,i have just completed the cycle by giving them both the powers-controlling both birth and death.


  1. Oh my goodness! Didn't know heavlya was so talented :D This one was awesome yaar.. the way you described women -- totally praiseworthy! Hats off to you :)

    P.S : It feels great to meet you again! :D *Hi fives*

  2. Oh my heavalie that was awesome.If that's how you really feel about women in real life...then hats off to you!We sure could with a few more men like you in this world :D Seriously!
    About your piece it was well-written as usual.
    I just have some confusion regarding a single line-
    'Tears flowing down her tresses'
    How exactly can that happen? :P I,for one,have never managed to get my hair wet while shedding tears.

  3. Most impressive award goes to ‘Slithering smiles’- Seemingly inappropriate but has a big role in amplifying the creepiness.
    And yes, I am with Sam too about 'Tears flowing down her tresses'
    As usual, this poem was complicated like most of your poems are and concept laced with remarkable innovation as your recent works are. Though the way you wrote it does justice to your concept and was notable too, I have stared feeling a bit apprehensive about your works. The reason is, though I understood the first paragraph, the sudden change from the 3rd person portrayal of the occasion(1st para) to the Angel’s perspective(last para) wasn’t exactly what I would say crystal clear. Whatever you have written is impressive indeed but maybe you should consider putting some more effort in your poems as regards to clarity and understandable-ity.
    With this advice, I would give you 7.5/10 for this. Keep innovating. It’s a delight.

  4. Very well written :)
    Perhaps, this is beyond just a nightmare for a woman when she faces the demon approaching. You couldn't do more justice to this! It's perfect. Loved it.

  5. hey dhanya,

    really glad to know that you liked my work!!hehe yeah i was kind of like the person with the most no. of pakau jokes!!yup i wanted to especially showcase the strength of women.women create us so that's why i considered them as someone who are close to god!!
    p.s :absolutely!!hehe glad that you visited my blog!!hehe and yeah *hi fives*.keep reading

  6. hey samadrita,

    ohh I'm getting a lot of hats of to you's from everyone!!thx for reading and replying.ohh i crack super bad jokes in front girls hehe i also make fun of them but i have a lot of respect for them too.that's why i especially wrote a poem on this subject and in the past also i have written on this subject but instead of showcasing the weakness i have shone a light on the strengths!!as i said drew a full circle.
    ohh "tears flowing down her tresses" for me if you think of that picture in your mind it leaves a lot of signified the weakness at that point of the poem.I'm a poet and who says that whatever i will write is inhumanly possible or not or i will take into account that its possible.
    its the meaning you extract not the possibilities of that happening or not.
    hehe i know your hair are short hehe but even if they change into tresses someday i don't want them to get wet from tears!!so keep smiling and keep reading!!

  7. hey daone,

    ohh thx for the award haha!!ohh my mind was going haywire when i was converting this concept into a was definitely concept.before posting this work i asked my sister to read my poem.ohh she didn't have a single clue about the i had to make a lot of changes and i had to write an explanation.a full para on my motives and what this poem was all about.i'm sure that without that explanation you all would have considered me as a mad person!!haha.ohh i will definitely try to improve with all your valuable suggestions.thx for reading and replying.keep reading!!

  8. hey anamika,

    ohh thx for reading and responding!!really glad that you liked my poem.keep reading!!
    p.s:whats the meaning of your name?

  9. Oi my hair isn't THAT short.It's a li'l beyond shoulder-length and I think that's reasonably long enough.Though I have to admit I prefer wearing my hair short-the longer your tresses grow the harder it is to care for them. >_>

  10. That is lovely work.. thanks for putting up the description.. To me it seems like u have kindof elevated the status of women..

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  11. hehe i know i know but they were tresses in the past!!!i think in the future when they are long use glycerin and see if they get wet or not!!but they should be in front of your face only k ring movie style!!

  12. hey workhard,

    thx for reading and replying!!yeah my concept was all about highlighting women and there strengths!yup also the description was kind of needed as the idea was very complicated!!keep reading!!

  13. Three cheers to your fantastic works!!
    It's the best of the poetic notes I've read so far in your blog. I knew from the start you harbor immense potential but today I can see well the span of your wings of imagination and creative writing.

    Very impressive and powerful poem.

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  14. hey chatterbox,

    ohh really thx for such kind words.i can also see myself improving is like a learning process and I'm trying to make good use of my time!!keep reading!!cheers!!

  15. :) I like youre work.

    But head on over to my blog and check out "Apparently I'm Kreativ" youve got a mention! :D

  16. this pieced together really well by the end, the end of it i thought was really strong, the image of the saying carved in the mantlepiece was great and it just kinda exploded in power after that turning point.

    you write about alot of different subjects and themes. where do you get your ideas or inspiration?

    ps. you commented on my last blog and i thought it was funny because as i was writing it i thought, man any boys reading this will think i'm 'such' a girl. haha sorry!

  17. hey sparky,
    yup thx for the award and also for commenting!!keep reading!!

  18. hey katie,

    thx for reading and replying!!ohh hehe inspiration i have no idea and start the poem with a complete different idea and then it just converts into something else!!its like my mind diverts me in that direction!!

    p.s:lol you have no idea how much time i took to write a comment on your post!!i was like so yeah she got a haircut so is it k if i leave a comment!!lol it would look so funny if a boy leaves a comment on your new post!!i mean yeah i agree that haircut do help in boosting your confidence hehe but i agree pure girly post!!!you are such a girl!!ohh nice color ha!!kikass!!suits u!!keep reading!!

  19. hhaha, aww don't worry you dont need to comment on all my stuff, some of it is way too girly ha ha

    and thats how my writing goes tooo, starts somewhere totally different then where it ends

  20. @katie:naa i just luv to read wat you write even though its girls haha!!i can connect with your blog coz it kind of showcases your struggle in life,how you are coping up with it,how even after so many barriers you are still giving your best smiling!!so i will keep reading your every new post even if its the girliest post ever written!!haha keep reading!!

  21. I bookmarked this page to reread the poem..I can't believe how strong it is,great one..still I need to dive deeper in the meaning..keep stunning me..

  22. @dyala:ohh yeah i know the concept goes way to over the head the first time you read it!!take your time and you will find the real meaning behind this poem!!thx for reading and replying!!yup definitely i will try my best to stun you all with my work!!keep reading!!