Tuesday, October 27, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Broken Stereo

My neighbor blasted music at full volume on his stereo.

I warned him not to. He continued.

I smashed his stereo.

Next morning I woke up listening to a soothing voice.

It was my neighbor singing for me.

I smiled.

I bought him a new stereo with mike.

We both sang and danced holding hands.


  1. Good one :)
    Wow! what great love and bonding between neighbors.

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  2. Weirdly funny. But as I was in a mood to, I thought about it- what can be the profundity in it?
    1. One shouldn’t play stereo out loud that it disturbs the neighbors.
    2. If your stereo is broken, you realize your hidden talent of singing.
    3. Never mind if your neighbor is crackpot enough to break your stereo, you can always continue disturbing them by singing.
    4. Stay in a civilized society, not a ghetto.
    5. In order to avoid your stereo being smashed, play some soft soul songs and not rock all the time.
    My mind on overdrive as usual…

  3. That really made me go lol.But um I was kinda expecting a surprise element.But hey no big deal..nice one!

  4. @chatterbox:haha yup those two were just made for each other neighbors!!thx for reading and replying!!this was my very first attempt in this field and glad that you enjoyed it!!keep reading!cheers!!

  5. @samadrita:oh the purpose of this 55 fiction was people enjoying it!!no shocking ending but there was a shocking ending in a light way!!haha thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  6. @daone:haha you got that absolutely right!!no dark stuff involved in this piece just pure enjoyment!!thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!