Monday, October 26, 2009

God Sacrificed A Universe For You

Flakes of sweet snow,
On your face my love,
Gives me tender bliss,
That reddening of your cheeks,
That wishful peck on your lips,
Sends that wave of heat,
Down my spine,
Lie with you on this sheet of snow,
Covering the miracle called earth,
Hold you, cover my face,
Under your feather jacket,
Kiss you for a while,
See the reflection of true me,
In your eyes,
Try to judge myself,
Am I worthy of you?
My love I think sometimes,
Wavering, holding your tresses,
Away from your face,
Hypnotized by the god’s creation,
Surrendering thousands,
Of beauties of nature,
Just to bring you to life,
He committed a crime,
He rendered you to reality,
When he could have created,
A universe in all this time,
He made a world in you,
Just for me to stay in you,
Feel you from the inside,
All my life.

This poem is dedicated to my sweet blogger friends Katie,chatterbox,sparky,dyala.although my idea was to showcase there beauty it became kind of sensual too.but the main idea behind this poem was to write a poem on them just to show how beautiful they are through my words.they can imagine there companions in my work hehe as i have to make sure that there boyfriends don't break my feel your worth thorugh my words and the inner beauty inside of you.


  1. Beautiful piece of poetry heavealie.
    I am sure your blogger friends would be flattered by your magical words.
    You are right, beware of their boyfriends ;)

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  2. hey chatterbox,

    thx for reading and for such kind words.hehe that's why i wrote that statutory warning after the poem!!keep reading!!cheers!!

  3. Awww I love this, it is beautiful! I feel very special that I am a part of this :) Thank you so much for sharing!

    Even if I looked at it as if it's not related to me and your other blogger friends- it's still such a great piece. It conveys alot of emotion through it it's really great. I'd even repost it on my blog (but then my boy my get suspicious) ha but great work!

  4. Lovely words, heavealie. Your friends' beauty shines through.

  5. Aww! Thank you! Now I feel special :o)

    I've been feeling low this last week, and you've cheered me up.

    Its such a beautiful poem!

    And like Blossom said, even if it was related to us its a beautiful piece :) Keep up the great work!

  6. @katie:some days back i wrote on 20sb discussion that why do girls write awww all the time and wat do i see here?? my blog is full of awwws lol.ohh i should thank u all for becoming an inspiration for me to write this down!!hehe i knew that ur bf would definitely kill me if he read this so i posted that warning below this poem that you are free to imagine ur respective bfs here!!hehe.thx for such kind words and keep reading!!happy to make you feel special through my words!!

  7. @cassandra:hey thx for checking out my blog and commenting!!hehe i tried my best to make them shine!!checked your blog and it was great you write really beautiful things in a few words!!keep reading!!

  8. @sparky:hey sparky thx for reading and glad that you liked it and also for the awwws hehe!!ohh why are you feeling so low??happy that i could cheer you up!!
    i was kind of apprehensive when i posted this poem i thought that this was not one of my better works not the polished one!!but great that you found this piece of work beautiful so thx for inspiring!!keep reading!!

  9. "When he could have created,
    A universe in all this time,
    He made a world in you"
    Best lines of the poem. All I would like to say is its a nice poem. Rest comments I left in your offline msg.

  10. I don't know,should I be grateful for the poem or just because I have a great friend as yours ? thanks for the touching words,you made my day :)

  11. @daone:thx for reading and replying!!yeah i got your offline messages haha!!keep reading!!

  12. @dyala:ohh no need to be grateful or anything you all are my very good friends so i wanted to write a poem for all of you!!hehe glad that i could bring some happiness in your everyday life!!keep reading!!

  13. *resists the urge to type aww* lol
    Really beautiful piece!Your friends must be grateful for this. :)

  14. @samadrita:haha already told you that you are free to write awww as many times as you like!!thx for reading and replying and yup glad that my friends liked it and didn't bash my head hehe!!keep reading!!