Friday, July 31, 2009


Innocent or guilty either of the two could have changed my life,

But god had already given his verdict long time back,

I still believe in god keeps me one step away from getting insane,

I think lightning has to strike at some place,

Call it bad luck or just coincidence I was standing right there,

Two Life sentences for each murder was the verdict handed over to me,

For some life is full of surprises my quota of surprises ended that day for me.

Ten years have gone by this place is like a home to me,

No luxuries or comfort in here just a couple of friends to meet,

Sometimes we just sit together for hours in silence,

Thinking what it would be like to watch the sunset sitting on the beach,

Having a couple of chilled beers feeling the evening breeze,

Other times I just lean against the wall watching my friends smile,

Makes me forget that I’m confined within these walls for a while,

Sometimes I think that in my past life I would have committed a heinous crime,

God took his time and waited for another life to bring down his wrath,

My friend tells me past or present a man knows within the depths of his heart,

That he is an innocent man just found at the wrong place at the wrong time,

I think he is a good man not innocent but who the hell is innocent in this world,

It’s just that we are separated from the rest so that the guilt dies within them,

Making them feel like an innocent man.

Thirty years have gone by my friend died in his cell some time back,

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about him,

Many say that clock in jail takes its own time,

Each day feels like a life sentence time takes its own time to move by.

Watching the birds fly outside my cell window I feel like a free man,

I do hope that they will set me free someday wings withered,

But I will still try to feel the morning breeze flying as far as I can,

It would be lonely without my friend but I think he would be happy for me,

I will sit under the oak tree for hours watching the sunshine penetrating the leaves,

Touching the surface of my skin and that warmth making me feel like an innocent man,

I think life is tough for others and hell for some,

But I think as long as the hope within them remains ignited,

It will give them warmth sure time will take its time,

But end of the day hope will make you feel like an innocent man.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Part 1: Eternal love

Tel me now is it true,

I believed in you, you know that don’t you,

You were too good for me so I changed for you,

I would have died for you to tell you the truth,

But the pain that I gained sometimes laughs at me,

My Reflection in the mirror tells me I made a fool of you,

I think this started the day you left me,

A man requires closure to overcome the misery,

Days went by nights were getting longer,

Bond between me and my refection started becoming stronger,

I think it was autumn when it kind of became a daily session,

Me and him staring into each other’s eyes and what I saw was obsession,

My love for you was pure, untouched, and sacred but you acted like a whore,

It was raining that day and I saw you in the arms of my best friend,

I stood there for hours blaming myself for your mistake,

In my 25years of shitty life for the first time I experienced heart break,

Molested, beaten, ignored everywhere and now this added to my pile of disgrace,

Revenge is a strong word can be channeled in many ways,

But I needed an accomplice to complete this task with grace,

Someone who will not ignore me, who will read my thoughts,

Someone who will support me, untie all these knots.

Part 2: Sacrifice

Four days later I and my reflection spent a lovely night together,

Both of us glanced at her, she was sleeping like an angel,

Covered in petals of rose dripped in blood,

My reflection tells me that you were too good for her,

That she left me for someone else was hard to believe.

Part 3: Believe

No one believed when I said that my reflection made me commit this deed,

Police officer beating me up said “son of a bitch I think you smoke too much weed”.

Part 4: Reflection

I believe that reflection is a living thing,

A part of your soul of your inner self that you cannot see,

It feeds on you, unconsciously sets your evil within free,

Wakes up the animal within you sowing seeds of greed,

Some have the power to ignore it to cure the evil within it,

But most of them can smell the blood extending their arms to reach,

To touch the evil to grasp the power unconsciously surrendering themselves to bleed.

Part 5: My belief-1 month later

I thought that reflection was just a part of me,

That I’m solely responsible for the mistakes in my life,

But everyone has to pay in ransom for the mistakes,

Whether committed by them or not doesn’t matter as long as the truth behaves like a shadow,

Of course connected but stays underneath the lies.

Part 6: Asylum

‘Girlfriend killing maniac goes insane’
The health of the person arrested last month for allegedly having killed his girlfriend and presently being in the judicial custody has worsened. He was reported of having developed the abnormal behavior pattern and was under doctor’s watch. Last night his condition deteriorated further and he was shifted to mental asylum hospital for medical treatment. It is reported that he continually uttered the words “it was my reflection”. Psychologists and medical experts are trying to figure out the secret behind this abnormal trait. PTI News

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sinful Deed:My Dad

I will bang your head on the wall if you don’t listen to me,

Now fetch me a drink boy I’m tired can’t you see,

Your mother use to always act like a noisy bitch,

Screaming, whining please don’t hit me please don’t do this to me,

Boy she is a bad influence stay away from her,

Just one last itsy-bitsy beating then I will let you free,

Don’t be afraid of me I’m your father come here have a drink,

No needs to worry just sit on my lap take some time to think,

Let me just stroke your hair a little I know the feeling is good,

If a son can help his dad in any way I think he should,

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours that is how a father-son relationship gets stronger,

I’m a tired and old man now I need some diversions,

Your mom is here no more there would be no repercussions,

Let’s go inside boy this chair is not comfortable enough for the two of us to share,

This is our little secret which remains between the two of us so don’t even dare,

Now boy don’t try anything stupid or else I will bang your head on the wall,

What did you say boy you don’t want to do this anymore?

I will beat you so bad that you will not be able to walk again for sure,

Is that a knife behind your back boy?


Stabbed him 45 times before he went to sleep,

I will make sure that he rots in hell suffocation for eternity,

.45 In my hand bang!!!Dad I’m coming for you,

I won’t give you a chance even in hell to breathe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Crash, burn, dump, repress your dreams,

They are no good in life fills your mind with screams,

You see them every day, every night, every second of your fucking life,

To the point you cannot take it anymore,

You feel like working hard was a waste of time,

Determination, dedication, devotion helping no more,

Down in the dumps when will the coal shine?

You beg, cry, and pray in front of the mighty god,

But you know inside that he would leave you to rot,

Nights when you are unable to sleep,

Days when you keep on thinking, pain so extreme that you cannot feel,

Question you keep on asking when the fate will show mercy on me,

Question you keep on saying have I done everything to grab my dream,

Finally the day comes when you realize that the time is up,

They laugh at you, make fun of you, and sum up your life in one word,


They are happy for you, glad that your dream is crushed, they scream at you,


Then they ask you questions they want an answer, what were you doing all this time?


But you can see the real joy the real interpretation of your life in the eyes of your relatives,


And you know what they acted like?

They acted like a adrenaline shot piercing the needle in your mind,

Finally you cannot take it anymore and this time I mean it,

You scream for yourself to make you realize to make you feel like,


Until now the dream was clear, yes there was hard work,

Yes there was pain yes there was misery and people trying to beat you down in bulk,

But now there is fire, there is that madness; there is that something that your dream feels like,


Lump of coal now a diamond you ask every person to scream aloud your name,


Your eyes shimmering with tears at last the fucking silence,

At last the mighty lord shines upon you,

At last the silence.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Nation

Limited surroundings vast are my visions,

Lost souls required too many intrusions,

Electrostatic waves right to their brains,

Colliding with the particles,

Rupturing their thoughts bright like hay,

Bending their barriers bending my ways,

So much beauty so much grace.

One by one fine tuning there mind,

Take a step forward remember this night,

Today is the day you all will take a flight,

Rise to the occasion salute to the mighty sky,

An army of ten million suicide bombers marching by,

Prosperity is my idea peace is my vision,

Worked on my plan with so much precision,

City was the problem tough was the decision,

Wiping it of the map saving the nation,

I think it will work for the betterment of the society,

Altered ten million brains to what only I could see,

Destroying Mumbai will give the nation time to think,

It will Rise from the ashes the city will breathe,

No more corruption peace to the brink,

Time is to act time to take the plunge,

Boom!!! Goes ten million time to have some fun,

Sit back and relax watch the artistry,

Nation will prosper when the most corrupt city bleeds.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mean Streak

I’m loner you can call me walking down the street,

Headphones in my ear dancing to the beat,

Girls on my left and girls on my right,

Name of the song??What a lovely sight!!

I take a glance heave a sigh lovely ladies marching by,

Have a look make a sound pretty girls move around,

I’m so sleek I’m so good I think you should take a look,

Feel the breeze see the sky dive into my pretty blue eyes,

What did you say hello Mr. Oldie how’s your dead wife!!!

Hey I’m not that old I’m only sixty five,

And my feet move like fingers on your mobile,

I think you should take a hike pretty more ladies are in my sight,

Change the song that’s what I need,

Still so many opportunities left I’m on a mean streak.