Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sinful Deed:My Dad

I will bang your head on the wall if you don’t listen to me,

Now fetch me a drink boy I’m tired can’t you see,

Your mother use to always act like a noisy bitch,

Screaming, whining please don’t hit me please don’t do this to me,

Boy she is a bad influence stay away from her,

Just one last itsy-bitsy beating then I will let you free,

Don’t be afraid of me I’m your father come here have a drink,

No needs to worry just sit on my lap take some time to think,

Let me just stroke your hair a little I know the feeling is good,

If a son can help his dad in any way I think he should,

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours that is how a father-son relationship gets stronger,

I’m a tired and old man now I need some diversions,

Your mom is here no more there would be no repercussions,

Let’s go inside boy this chair is not comfortable enough for the two of us to share,

This is our little secret which remains between the two of us so don’t even dare,

Now boy don’t try anything stupid or else I will bang your head on the wall,

What did you say boy you don’t want to do this anymore?

I will beat you so bad that you will not be able to walk again for sure,

Is that a knife behind your back boy?


Stabbed him 45 times before he went to sleep,

I will make sure that he rots in hell suffocation for eternity,

.45 In my hand bang!!!Dad I’m coming for you,

I won’t give you a chance even in hell to breathe.


  1. best concept of all the poems so far. commendable execution too. man, are you on fire!

  2. Its scaryy....i dint like it.....
    its too like....rotten...or hellish...darkk !!
    dint like d idea..... :(

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yup , hve to agree.. best concept so far!!
    lke d idea of "45 in my hand!!"
    cul & creepy