Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Nation

Limited surroundings vast are my visions,

Lost souls required too many intrusions,

Electrostatic waves right to their brains,

Colliding with the particles,

Rupturing their thoughts bright like hay,

Bending their barriers bending my ways,

So much beauty so much grace.

One by one fine tuning there mind,

Take a step forward remember this night,

Today is the day you all will take a flight,

Rise to the occasion salute to the mighty sky,

An army of ten million suicide bombers marching by,

Prosperity is my idea peace is my vision,

Worked on my plan with so much precision,

City was the problem tough was the decision,

Wiping it of the map saving the nation,

I think it will work for the betterment of the society,

Altered ten million brains to what only I could see,

Destroying Mumbai will give the nation time to think,

It will Rise from the ashes the city will breathe,

No more corruption peace to the brink,

Time is to act time to take the plunge,

Boom!!! Goes ten million time to have some fun,

Sit back and relax watch the artistry,

Nation will prosper when the most corrupt city bleeds.


  1. Good one. so the terrorist is, according to his own vision, doing a social service, hun? naa-hice!

  2. Heyy....Luved it yaarr........!!
    Proud Mumbaikar !!!