Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mean Streak

I’m loner you can call me walking down the street,

Headphones in my ear dancing to the beat,

Girls on my left and girls on my right,

Name of the song??What a lovely sight!!

I take a glance heave a sigh lovely ladies marching by,

Have a look make a sound pretty girls move around,

I’m so sleek I’m so good I think you should take a look,

Feel the breeze see the sky dive into my pretty blue eyes,

What did you say hello Mr. Oldie how’s your dead wife!!!

Hey I’m not that old I’m only sixty five,

And my feet move like fingers on your mobile,

I think you should take a hike pretty more ladies are in my sight,

Change the song that’s what I need,

Still so many opportunities left I’m on a mean streak.

1 comment:

  1. the only thing you lose out, i repeat, is the grammar, mainly punctuation marks. but ignoring that, this one is pretty decent.