Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parallel Lines

I wrote a few verses for you, baby,
Poked a few pencils in my eyes,
It never rhymed the way it used to,
Our love was like two parallel lines,
We scribbled a few triangles,
And we scribbled a few squares,
But our heart never had a circle,
What went around never came back,
So the feeling of sadness swept over me,
Took a pencil, poked a few holes in a paper,
And the lines rhymed for the first time,
Miseries and tragedies are a poet’s soul mate,
And the parallel lines meet for the first time,
And the theories of maths went haywire that time,
Poked a few holes in a few scientists tonight,
So they dropped their lab coats and sheets,
Picked up a broken pencil and scribbled,
A few theories tonight,
That rhymed for the first time,
And the whole world witnessed the power,
Of rhymes and verses for the first time,
When I poked a few holes in the sky,
And the earth and sky meet for the first time,
Amalgamation was beautiful from naked eyes,
But the shallow people left a few blotches,
On the skin of the clear sky,
But I remained unperturbed and woken,
And my eyes never slept for the first time,
And drew a probability and a possibility,
That merged together and created hope,
For the first time and so everyone rejoiced,
And I felt miserable for the first time,
As each and every person thought he was a poet,
And so the poets took the path,
Of the parallel lines.


  1. "Miseries and tragedies are a poet’s soul mate"

    even the scientists can find the truth in that line...


  2. Amazing thoughts woven into this beautiful piece.
    "But our heart never had a circle,
    What went around never came back
    - That's what happens every time doesn't it? :(

  3. @samadrita:thx for reading.ohh and yea love is like a river merging or rather say completing the sea and heart is like a cord that never tends to seize!! ;)
    keep reading.

  4. something every poet can relate to, great piece.

  5. Great poetry...came here via WeBlog and following you. And good luck with your cricketing too....

  6. @ladan:thx for reading.glad to see you a part of my blog.happy poetry days :)

  7. @corinne:hey thx for becoming a part of my is going well and thx for the wishes :)

  8. your parallel lines touched me..i felt every word,and yea i relate to that one too..very nice blog you have here..thank you for stopping by at my sanctuary,nice to meet you..:)

  9. @desert rose:thx for reading my piece.yup nice to meet you too.have fun blogging.keep writing.

  10. Hey there :) I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and thank you for your comments! It's always nice to hear from new readers!


    p.s. And yes..please send some of those clouds my way! lol

  11. @cassandra:thx for visiting my blog.yup will sure send some of these clouds to your side of the world.keep reading.

  12. Oh p.s. your site design is brilliantly cool!


  13. @visionary:thx for reading and becoming a part of my blog.

  14. ....:) luvd d geometry of ur poetry... Keeps one readin, trapped in it forevr..

  15. @beautiful:thx for your wonderful comment!!keep reading.

  16. @hodgepodge:thx for reading and replying.keep reading.

  17. I am sooo feeling this here! I know these feelings all too well but cant express them as beautifully as you did here...You spoke the words my heart couldnt find to say..

  18. hi!

    your dad wanted u to b a cricketer but here u r AS A POET !! WELL SAID, KEEP IT UP.
    but love and geometry are different dear !! -- ak sharma

  19. ohh hello uncle thx for taking the time out to visit my blog.
    :) actually love and geometry are just like cricket and watch cricket closely and it would look like a perfect symphony or a well written poem.for he geometry has always been complex and I'm pretty sure love is complex too. always theories no practical stuff hehe.keep reading uncle.

  20. @jstar:thx for such a wonderful made my day!! :) keep reading.