Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishful Thinking

When did wishful thinking,
Become a memory of my dreams,
And the longing for the loved ones,
With time and grains on the surface,
Eventually and actually never seized,
But the space in between the surface,
Kept staring at me for eternity,
And the wishful thinking never did breathe,
But the whispers of dreams still haunt me,
When I sleep and the fear creeps over me,
And reverse psychology never worked,
Living a dream again never becomes reality,
And once destined, forever becomes a wish,
And the bridges of thinking collapse over it,
But the pain resurfaces never begs to seize,
Like a wound that never actually wants to heal,
But reminds me each and every day of failure,
Etched all over the surface of tranquility,
I wish someday the thinking would seize,
And dreams would break into a million pieces,
My reflection broken and buried million pieces,
Wishful thinking once becomes a reality,
And I may live that dream for a while now,
In reality after all I’m a human being,
And the heart beats never meant to please,
But crave for that wishful thinking all over again,
And the dreams are no more than reality,
And the reality is no more than an unseen dream,
But actually felt and lived in totality,
And the human heart was never meant to please,
And the shattering of dreams may never seize,
And the human heart was never created,
To live in peace.


  1. Surreal, profound, bitterly sweet, sad.

  2. *sigh* dreams, dreams, dreams. All I have...