Friday, December 4, 2009

My Dear:White Shimmering Piano

I lived on the outskirts,
Far from the reach of human beings,
I was called as someone without feelings,
Now I rest in peace,
I have seen changes around me,
I have seen flowers blooming,
Taking their own time, hesitating,
Giving birth to every petal within,
Once beautiful, so soothing,
Now plucked, broken,
Each and every petal crumbled,
Heart bleeding,
I do have feelings you can’t feel,
I have seen fingers resting,
On that white shimmering piano,
Closing eyes and opening,
Eyelashes flickering,
Heart beat in rhythm with every note,
Like a feather in a breeze,
I have felt music penetrating,
The outskirts of my soul,
Where I once used to live,
Far from the skills of my own,
That magic that thrived for years,
I have felt love, hatred, emotions empowering,
I have cried for years within,
Stand just once not for an hour,
Just for a minute,
Resting fingers on that white shimmering angel,
Making them feel, penetrate,
The outskirts of my ever rhythmic dreams,
I take a bow, thousands clapping, resounding,
That sound ever so out of reach,
Ever so soothing, it never seized,
I will remember that minute all my life,
When I rested my hands,
On that ever shining white piano,
When the whole world,
Felt what I could feel,
Listened to the symphony,
That played within me for years,
I may never stand above,
That stage of my dreams again,
But I will keep accompanying,
My dear white shimmering piano,
I think I will keep playing all my life,
Because me without my music,
Is like a life without dreams.


  1. music is the thing that breathes life into everything, brings yesterdays as close as the now, and dreams within reach. beautiful!

  2. I love this!!! Music is very beautiful :)

  3. Can i just say, that was captivatingly to my ears. Great flow, the photo and music playing helping along as well...just beautifully wonderful! bravo! a standing ovation from me!

  4. WOW How beautiful this IS! I can hear that piano as you*talk*...

  5. wowww... one cn relate to this... lovely i must say... great composition.....

  6. @shadow:music brings that calmness in our hectic lives.thx for reading and replying.keep reading!!

  7. @jstar:yes it is.thx for replying and keep reading!!

  8. @kay:ohh i actually added this piece of music "jason and cynthia piano theme by A.R rahman who won 2 oscars this year for slumdog!!it went well with my theme and i thought this will give a feel to my words.thx for such kind words and keep reading!!

  9. @dulce:i think the piano theme complimented my words really well.glad to know that you liked my poem and thx for replying.keep reading!!

  10. @ritika:thx for such kind words and keep reading!!

  11. This is such beautiful poetry, and these are such heartfelt emotions. I can feel them; I love my music, too. Because for me, also, life without music is life without dreams.

    You have a beautiful mind, and I thank you immensely for joining my world, and for leading me here to yours. I so look forward to reading more of you, and to getting to know you better.


  12. @Nevine:ohh hey thx for such all the appreciation and really glad that you came to visit my blog.really happy to read that you could feel such emotions through my words.I'm really glad that two poets can share their thoughts and their works.i really loved your poems they were beautiful!!keep reading!!

  13. A beautiful musical indulgence :)
    loved the lines,"Heart beat in rhythm with every note,Like a feather in a breeze," simply wonderful comparison there.

    Keep the poetic notes flowing. You are wonderful with them.


  14. @chatterbox:hey thx for reading and replying.really happy that you liked my first musical piece!!keep reading!!