Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I’m A Fool I Won’t Deny

Never been a time in my life,
When the significance of true things,
Of true belongings by my side,
Hasn’t been ignored by my mind,
I have drifted apart and joined back,
Piled up my own feelings,
Regret has always crossed my mind,
I have submerged myself,
In the deepest of the oceans,
Of love and life, drowning inside,
Never cried for help, feelings inside,
Been part of that crammed corner,
All my life, I have died inside,
Thousands of times, buried in the soil,
Of my foolish mind, I have taken my time,
I have fallen for that angel all my life,
Never uttered a single word to signify,
Fear has always conquered my mind,
Don’t know if I will disclose the truth,
Rather live in regret all my life,
I will never fall in love again,
I still keep the ashes of my burned heart,
Reminds me of a soul aching to breathe inside,
I’m a fool for you baby, I won’t deny,
Live by my side like a vivid memory,
I will keep filling the colors of love inside.

(Dedicated to two of my best friends)


  1. Wow... How painful life and love life can be... no doubt.
    Hey there is always light at the end of the tunnel... So let's go for it. I am on my way,and you are welcome to come by my side...
    Poignant , beautiful poem- though sad)
    Hugs ;)

  2. A very heart touching poem. He has managed to put in words the feelings that most of us have experienced & always have, some how, managed to lock them in our hearts. It shows the regret of not being able to tell what is in the heart.
    So the moral of the poem,according to me would be, for everyone that it is indeed better to LOVE & fail than never to LOVE at all.

    I hope that both his "BEST FRIENDS" have managed to tell each other what is in their hearts. :)

  3. Loved the title:)
    I like poetries with hope and optimism. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful selection of words that added lots of emotions to this beautiful poetry.

    I hope emotions held within the confines of the heart succeded in crossing the barriers of silence amongst the two friends.

    Congratulations on your sister's wedding. When do I get my box of sweets??

    Have fun :)


  4. Firstly, a thank you. I am guessing I am one of the people whom this is dedicated to. Even if not, don't say and dispel my momentary flight of ecstasy!
    About the poem, I liked it. You go back to your pain genre again and you do well too. There are no outstanding expressions and phrases you've used that I've identified you with lately that I should quote here but still some of them do manage to impress. Good going man.

  5. This was lovely!!! The regrets and pains of love....Love that is felt so deeply you can taste it...A true definition of the intesity of love...

  6. @dulce:ohh yeah i have really changed a lot in my recent works.if you read my earlier works most of them are dark and sad.but now try to keep it dark as well as provide some hope in it.yeah this was kind of sad but this poem was based on true events so it ended the way it did in reality!!life is tough we have to face it and accept the fact!!really thx for reading and replying.keep reading!!

  7. @harshal:thx for such kind words and really glad that you took the time out to read my poem.i agree that its better to try then to just leave it to destiny.keep reading!!

  8. @chatterbox:thx for reading and for such kind words.all i can say is that it went well between the two of them.sometimes destiny has a different path planned for us.hehe ohh thx and sweets yup definitely if you were here i would have given you at least 10 boxes of sweets.my house is filled sweet boxes :) keep reading and cheers!!

  9. @daone:haha actually you know who this poem is based on then also you can enjoy your rise to fame ;)
    glad to read that you liked my poem.this was one tough topic to write on.took me a lot of drafts to write this down but i'm satisfied with my work.keep reading!!

  10. @jstar:hx for reading and commenting on my poem.really appreciate your comments on my poem!!hope i will learn something from you!!keep reading!!

  11. NICE YAAR.. VERY TRUE... hmmmm.... deeep thnkin....as usual.. gr8 job