Saturday, December 19, 2009

True Identity

Been crushed, mistaken, blamed,
For my very own identity,
Holding that single visible thread,
That keeps the sane world in reach,
Behavior of people close to me,
Has affected me, I’m a changed man,
Hard to see when darkness breaches,
Claims to be my savior, engulfs me,
I’m no human being, hard to believe,
Claws of my shadow has coaxed me,
Into undeniable atrocities,
Long back crossed the outline of madness,
Finally found my true identity,
There is darkness and there is light,
Send on earth to create a balance in between,
World would go insane without darkness,
Imagine a world with no happiness to seek,
Take hold of the miserable and the weak,
Random, mundane events chain of calamities,
Destruction, monstrosity in my reach,
I strike a chord between good and evil,
Where god leaves the pitiful human beings,
I stand alone in the dark, I alone preach,
I’m no god’s angel, never meant to be,
I’m just a sickness aching, breathing to seek,
Found in every house, every single community,
I’m religion,
 Creating that barrier in between,
No darkness or light has awaken me,
No living thing, created by human beings,
No blaming on god for all the atrocities,
One day I shall stand alone,
In a room full of darkness and light,
Humans will be the sole bearers,
Of their very own true identities.


  1. i'm speechless. this is excellent!

  2. How wise... I love these words my friend... What a dreative view and way to write...

  3. I wanna say many things but paucity of time stops me. I liked the poem. Reading your conceptual poems is always a delight. You did a few grammatical mistakes though, nothing that can't be ignored.

  4. wow first of all I love the snow , how did you do that. its beautiful.
    THis poem has left a deep deep emotion in me,.
    with tears I read, and feel your remarkable creativity

  5. @dulce:thx for such kind words and keep reading!!

  6. @daone:thx and its always a pleasure reading your comment on my poem!!keep reading!!

  7. @inky:ohh the snow its a widget available on many sites.if you want i will send you the link.thx for such kind words and glad to read that my words could steer such emotions within you.keep reading :)

  8. wohooo... dis rocksssss... wuaoooooooooooowwww