Friday, October 30, 2009

I Dreamt A Dream

Times when I just sit in a corner,
Staring somewhere far above me,
Resting my vision somewhere perfect,
Somewhere perfect, where it’s hard to see,
Pressing my legs against my skin,
I feel like, I shouldn’t dream,
Single tear travelling down my face,
Laying on my chin for a second,
Dropping, leaving me alone again,
Placing my happy times, days,
Aligning them in front of sorrow,
Victim of my own shadows,
Darkness prevails over me,
Time tickles down in seconds,
Minutes, hours, days, eternity,
Dream dreamt as a dream,
Remains forever as a dream,
Pain suffices for some time,
And reality overcomes,
As a flailing shadow,
This was just the beginning,
Remaining life lost somewhere,
Somewhere within the depths,
Of the lost dream,
I dreamt a dream once,
It remained forever as a dream.

How does it feel when dreams remain unfulfilled.when that greatest thing,the most desired of all thing remains as a mere thought in your belief has always been that pain heals with time.but pain of a broken dream always remains until you die.i think my life would change if i'm unable to make it into reality.i think a dream follows you forever.i think i will follow mine if there is a life after this until i achieve what i seek.i dont know whether i will make it or not but i will follow it till the matter how many lives it takes.i still dream a dream.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Kites

My mother used to make kites for me.
We flew those colorful kites together on our Terries.
Two years later she died.
I kept those kites close to my heart.
I could see her face in those flying kites.
See her standing near the ledge with thread in her hand.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am

I’m the moon, the sun and the stars,
I’m the Sand dunes trickling by in an hour glass,
I outshine the shining on a piece of paper,
Reconstruct the nation with words of fury,
I’m the knowledge, the yearning,
Of a man’s everyday learning,
I’m the horror, the dreams, the fantasy,
I’m the dose to their written ecstasy,
I’m the Verses of their life,
Rhyming of their breathing,
I’m the soul of the bounded pages,
Without my words,
They are like life without dreams,
And in the realms of their dreams,
I resurrect and melt my happiness,
My sorrows, my outlook towards everything,
I’m the maker, I’m the mentor,
I can destroy someone from within,
Reach into their souls,
Extract all their fears,
No cinematic landscape,
Can even come close to my writings,
I can affect the mind, the body and the soul,
Erase all their thoughts, add mine,
Glare in their mind like a gaping hole,
I’m a writer, I write what I feel,
My words on a piece of paper,
Are more powerful,
Than the universe of thoughts,
Created within.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Broken Stereo

My neighbor blasted music at full volume on his stereo.

I warned him not to. He continued.

I smashed his stereo.

Next morning I woke up listening to a soothing voice.

55 Fiction By Heavealie: Mesmerizing Night

Rosemary sang a song for me every night standing near her window.
I stood there every night mesmerized by her beauty and her voice.
Her smile reminded me of my mother, her eyes were full of innocence.
Four weeks later came the night.

Together Forever

Road to my past,
Pierces through my heart,
With vengeance and revenge,
Submerged in it,
Keep drowning in that river of pain,
That you suffered all your life,
Questioning the authority,
The godforsaken almighty,
For the decisions he takes,
In his everyday life,
Twenty two years of cancer,
Disrupting every life within you,
You lying on your death bed,
Most of your life,
Your grave would feel,
More comfortable to you,
Kept looking at her,
Staring into her thoughts,
Clicking a mental picture of her,
Replay it in my memory,
Unforgettable times,
Till it becomes a vein in my brain,
Pulsating, running, keeping me alive,
Fists closing and opening,
She succumbed to death,
I cringe in a corner,
Thinking about the ways,
In which I can commit suicide,
Cannot live this life anymore,
Without listening to your voice,
Screaming, crying for help,
Begging to receive my love,
Light shining from a window above me,
Calling me, whispering in my ears,
I stand on the threshold,
Where she lying dead and me on the verge,
Of giving her company,
One step ahead I chose my destiny,
I died the day she died,
Although she was the one diagnosed,
With cancer,
It pulsated and survived,
For twenty two years,
Inside of me.

i changed the ending at the very last show how powerful love is,how it commands our life,makes us do things we never even can make you do wonderful things,achieve things which are just impossible and also completely destroy you.grab you by the arms and drag you to the threshold of good or bad.for some love is like a meaning to life,like a purpose.a emotion so powerful that even god bows down in front of so sincere so serene is the cause of all the waves in the sea of your heart beat.beating and pulsating just for the sake of feeling this emotion whole life and some of them are not satisfied even after so many years.

Monday, October 26, 2009

God Sacrificed A Universe For You

Flakes of sweet snow,
On your face my love,
Gives me tender bliss,
That reddening of your cheeks,
That wishful peck on your lips,
Sends that wave of heat,
Down my spine,
Lie with you on this sheet of snow,
Covering the miracle called earth,
Hold you, cover my face,
Under your feather jacket,
Kiss you for a while,
See the reflection of true me,
In your eyes,
Try to judge myself,
Am I worthy of you?
My love I think sometimes,
Wavering, holding your tresses,
Away from your face,
Hypnotized by the god’s creation,
Surrendering thousands,
Of beauties of nature,
Just to bring you to life,
He committed a crime,
He rendered you to reality,
When he could have created,
A universe in all this time,
He made a world in you,
Just for me to stay in you,
Feel you from the inside,
All my life.

This poem is dedicated to my sweet blogger friends Katie,chatterbox,sparky,dyala.although my idea was to showcase there beauty it became kind of sensual too.but the main idea behind this poem was to write a poem on them just to show how beautiful they are through my words.they can imagine there companions in my work hehe as i have to make sure that there boyfriends don't break my feel your worth thorugh my words and the inner beauty inside of you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

And So They Shall Rise

Shape of an angel,
On a mantelpiece,
Surrounded by shadows of death,
Gazes upon the onlookers,
Slithering smiles on their faces,
Seeking the angel with detest,
Creates a circle of dust,
Around the lone angel of love,
They casting a look of insanity,
Of lust, of desires, cravings,
Never ending hunger of power,
Closing the range of circle,
To quench their thirst,
From the angel of love,
She begs for mercy,
She cries and cries,
Tears flowing down her tresses,
Seizing the last pitfall,
Of her demise,

“Those who seek shall be granted the way to the forbidden power and they will rise when the occasion comes to survive and the desire to live the life on the mercy of their own, and so they rise”
So she gazed upon,
The shadows of death,
And so she cried and cried,
Seeking for mercy,
Begging for their lives,
Too late to perish,
The awakening power,
And so shall and will,
Remain as the saying,
Carved on the mantelpiece,
That those who have the will,
And the hunger to survive,
And live on their terms,
Shall be granted,
The highest power,
To rain death upon the devils,
Of lust and desires,
And shall rise to the occasion,
When the need to survive,
Becomes their utmost desire.

This poem is a mirror image of my earlier work titled “I’m a rape victim”. I will elaborate on my work so that you will have a clear idea of what was running in my mind when I penned this down. In “I’m a rape victim” I had shown that the girl was completely destroyed, ruined and betrayed from her own life. In this work I have universally considered women as angels of god. I have shown the work and power of god in this work. When the time will come when an angel has to beg for her own life, to survive, to live the life she was granted by her creator, she would be given the utmost power of raining death upon the devils and the evils of the world. At that situation when their ultimate desire becomes surviving and the will to live. They shall rise to the occasion and shall conquer the desired.In other words i have considered women as someone with godlike powers.we all know that women have the power to give birth,i have just completed the cycle by giving them both the powers-controlling both birth and death.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Border Of Freedom

Me and my mind,
Scampering behind the rocks,
Of my senses,
In dire need of silence,
Desperate for a place,
Of solitude,
Trapped behind these fences,
Coward to climb these walls,
Of brick and bones,
Keep clambering over them,
Rain drops and the stones,
Send me crashing down,
I taste blood and dust,
Refraining and restraining,
All my movements,
Need to cross these boundaries,
Of my dislocated dreams,
I’m trapped behind these walls,
Need to break away,
It’s like a migraine,
Breathing and living,
Inside of me,
Clawing the walls,
Of freedom,
One last time,
One last leap,
I’m on the other side,
Of this border,
Bullets like rain drops,
Keep restraining me,
Against the wall,
For a second,
I was a free man,
I died like a free man,
Solitude at last,
Found me,
At my birth place,
Of freedom,
Even though my own,
Country men,
Couldn’t recognize me,
Fifty thousand people,
Lying with arms wide open,
Tasting the blood of freedom,
Die besides me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

16 Broken Chains

16 broken chains of pain,
Wrapped around me,
At random intervals,
Each chain signifies,
Random phases,
Of my life,
Stinging and poking,
At the pit of my miseries,
Commanding the obstacles,
The debacles that I survived,
Each part covered with blood,
Resurrecting my memories,
From which I revived,
16 broken chains,
Of my screams,
Still ring in my ears,
Engulfing my childhood,
With cries,
Broken and destroyed,
All the 16 chains,
I still survive,
When I lie on my death bed,
After 20 years,
16 broken chains of pain,
Leave a shadow,
On my grave,
Carving rest in pain,
Reminding the sole,
Bearer of my life.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thirst For Immortality

Wanderers wander the path,
Called life,
In search of the black stone,
Buried into the surface,
Where the heart and soul,
Of the immortals thrive,
Bound to the roots,
Of the ever living,
Once extracted and broken,
Seeds of immortality,
Cannot be sown,
Longevity in the hands,
Of the mortal species,
Spilled each others blood,
To live for eternity,
None survived to taste,
The power of immortality,
Black stone again buried,
In the depths survives,
Far from the clutches,
Of the soulless species,
Until the day comes,
The mortals rise,
Rip the chest out,
quench the thirst,
for the black stone,
Crumble the earth’s surface,
Into a thousand pieces.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Not My fault Mother

No one wants me,
Neither hell nor heaven,
Neither the creator,
Not even my mother,
Why am I even here?
What is my purpose?
Am I breathing someone else’s air?
Living his life by myself,
Sharing his prayers,
He died before me,
Is that my fault?
I crave for you,
My mother,
No need to live this life forever,
Hold me in your arms for some time,
My mother,
Please wipe off the tears,
From my eyes with your warm hands,
My mother,
Lie besides your feet,
Let me Rest my head,
I need silence for a while,
My mother,
He keeps crying in my sleep,
Too far from me I can’t reach him,
My mother,
Why don’t you love me mother?
I’m falling, my mother,
Why don’t you save me?
My Mother,
Please look at me for a while,
Please forgive me,
For the fault which I’m unaware,
I’m drowning, my mother,
Why don’t you grab my hand?
My Mother.

I Touch The Sky

Day before yesterday,

Rising near the horizon,

Saw a plane,

Blue stripes all over it,

Piercing through the heart,

Of morning haze,

Vision dazed not confused,

Ran near the drowning cliff,

Carve the miracle,

In my memory,

For a second or two,

Without even thinking,

Raised my hands,

To wave a goodbye,

I think someone waved back,

True description not a lie,

Told me he would comeback,

Not to soar above the sea,

But to see me fly.