Friday, October 9, 2009

Thirst For Immortality

Wanderers wander the path,
Called life,
In search of the black stone,
Buried into the surface,
Where the heart and soul,
Of the immortals thrive,
Bound to the roots,
Of the ever living,
Once extracted and broken,
Seeds of immortality,
Cannot be sown,
Longevity in the hands,
Of the mortal species,
Spilled each others blood,
To live for eternity,
None survived to taste,
The power of immortality,
Black stone again buried,
In the depths survives,
Far from the clutches,
Of the soulless species,
Until the day comes,
The mortals rise,
Rip the chest out,
quench the thirst,
for the black stone,
Crumble the earth’s surface,
Into a thousand pieces.


  1. Must say, sometimes your concepts are far too good. Is it inspired from Bible or your own thought? Coz if the latter, man, I admire you for coming up with this. But somehow, I feel the execution doesn't do much justice to it. I mean, nothing wrong with it but it doesn't reach up to the wow-ness of the concept.

  2. Hi.
    Just came across your blog. I loved your poem, "It's Not My fault Mother"
    I think you're an amazing writer :)
    Keep Blogging.
    Take Care!

  3. hey daone,

    thx for such kind words and for appreciating my concept.i cannot say that I'm the one who came up with the whole mortality vs immortality.i have made several changes to it,woven a story into it!!!yeah this concept was really tough to convert it into a poem.but then also my sincere attempt.thx for responding!!keep reading!!

  4. hey cursed,

    thx for reading and for appreciating my work!!i checked ur blog and good to kknow that u are also a poet!!read your work and it was really very nice and that also u r very young!!keep reading and as soon as i get the time i will definitely read all your works and add my comments!!keep reading!!u too tc.

  5. Wow. You're one hell of a poet bro, very deep which a step to becoming a great one. Keep those concepts flowing and yes nice symbolisms bro. :)

  6. hey joemill,

    thx for reading and commenting bro.oh man those are some big words you said thx again!!ya i love poems that are related to symbols with a deeper meaning.keep reading!!

  7. hey dolcy,

    haha I'm waiting too!!thx for reading!!

  8. Nice work.. You are very far.. dark.. themes.. hope to see some refreshing tones too... keep up the good work...

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  9. hey workhard,

    thx for such kind words!!i will definitely make some effort towards the shiny side also!!keep reading!!