Monday, October 12, 2009

16 Broken Chains

16 broken chains of pain,
Wrapped around me,
At random intervals,
Each chain signifies,
Random phases,
Of my life,
Stinging and poking,
At the pit of my miseries,
Commanding the obstacles,
The debacles that I survived,
Each part covered with blood,
Resurrecting my memories,
From which I revived,
16 broken chains,
Of my screams,
Still ring in my ears,
Engulfing my childhood,
With cries,
Broken and destroyed,
All the 16 chains,
I still survive,
When I lie on my death bed,
After 20 years,
16 broken chains of pain,
Leave a shadow,
On my grave,
Carving rest in pain,
Reminding the sole,
Bearer of my life.


  1. Ho-Hum. And you know why I do that? Coz its getting repetitive man. The darkness, the pain, the anguish, wound only by words, man, that’s not done. I might as well substitute 16 chains with 10 rings I wear in each of my fingers. What’s the significance of the chains then? If you had mentioned what each of it symbolizes, the case might’ve been different.
    The poem failed to impress.

  2. hey daone,

    thx for reading and replying to my between i try to change the flow of my poems for example just two poems back i wrote "I touch the sky"which everyone has just ignored to is a complete opposite of my writing style.Describing 16 chains-16 most painful movements of my life is like writing a short story!!i choose to leave that to the readers.after every 6-7 poems i write a complete different one.In life happiness comes once in a blog will portray sadness on a huge scale and in between give you a reason to smile just like life!!read "I touch the sky" you will get my point!!keep reading!

  3. I think it's fun to go to the dump. You can look at the dump. You can eat out of the dump. You can play in the dump. You can smell the dump. One time I goed to the dump and I found the old man who lives in the dump and I found an old lamp and i smashed it over his head and I stomped on him until he coughed up blood. I think he kicked the bucket.

    I only say all this on account of it is rather amazing to live in this wonderful world, where you can go to the pet cemetery and dig up dead animals and eat them.

    well, anyway, Martin Van Buren was a professional wrestler.

  4. Hey, so this piece was good, I really liked tha tit was specific- 16 broken chains- i think that already steps it up a noch than if you had just said broken chains, making things specific yet general enough for understanding if very effective. Keep writing, I like seeing all your work! I'd love to see some fiction!

  5. hey elwood,

    thx for sharing your comment!!keep writing!!

  6. hey katie,

    ya as soon as the concept came in my mind the no.16 was clear.i really wanted to make it specific.ya I'm working on a few concepts for my short fiction stories so lets see how they work.anyways thx for commenting and following!!so hows your class submissions going on?

  7. Excellent post there.
    I enjoyed my visit to your very interesting blog. From your profile I learnt you are a cricketer by profession, and from my observations I am convinced you are gifted writer at the same time.

    Keep up the good work.


  8. hey chatterbox hehe sounds weird!!
    thx for reading and commenting!and also for such kind words.oh you too are definitely gifted!!keep reading!!your comments are valuable!cheers!

  9. Feeling blue eh? :P
    Nice write though. :)

  10. beautifully written. it feels a bit strange to say this below this post, but i'll say it anyway, Happy Diwaliiiii :D
    thanks for dropping by my blog
    have a lovely week okay ^^

  11. hey samadrita,

    whenever i write a poem I'm always in that mood only!!hehe.thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  12. hey manju,

    oh thx for reading and for such kind words!!ohh really liked your blog covered a lot of topics especially the photography and your trip was awesome ha!!btw!!my mom's name is also manju hehe!keep reading!!

  13. hey workhard,

    i have substituted the most painful moments of my life as chains wrapped around me,bounded to me time after time.i think everyone feels the same way as if they are trapped,as if the pain envelopes them!!no matter how much you try,how much effort you put in,it never always remains like a faint memory embedded in your can say the pain heals but you still see the scars of those chains all your life!!that's the significance of 16 chains for you my friend!!keep reading!!