Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am

I’m the moon, the sun and the stars,
I’m the Sand dunes trickling by in an hour glass,
I outshine the shining on a piece of paper,
Reconstruct the nation with words of fury,
I’m the knowledge, the yearning,
Of a man’s everyday learning,
I’m the horror, the dreams, the fantasy,
I’m the dose to their written ecstasy,
I’m the Verses of their life,
Rhyming of their breathing,
I’m the soul of the bounded pages,
Without my words,
They are like life without dreams,
And in the realms of their dreams,
I resurrect and melt my happiness,
My sorrows, my outlook towards everything,
I’m the maker, I’m the mentor,
I can destroy someone from within,
Reach into their souls,
Extract all their fears,
No cinematic landscape,
Can even come close to my writings,
I can affect the mind, the body and the soul,
Erase all their thoughts, add mine,
Glare in their mind like a gaping hole,
I’m a writer, I write what I feel,
My words on a piece of paper,
Are more powerful,
Than the universe of thoughts,
Created within.


  1. That's an excellent depiction of the powers of a writer in a beautiful poem.

    I wrote a similar post at:

    Keep writing!!


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  3. marvelous!!!
    this is the word that suits best.

  4. this is amazing...beautiful writing.

  5. @chatterbox:oh thx for reading and for such kind words!!i will definitely read your post and get an insight on this topic from your point of view!!keep reading!!cheers!!

  6. @latika:ohh thx for such kind words!!read your poems and they are well written!!keep reading!!

  7. @jenny:ohh thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  8. I have come across many such “I am a writer” pieces. Some sound boastful, some are plainly lame. About your attempt, it’s like a well sewn shirt. Not outstanding or anything but looks n feels good. One word- perfect!

  9. @daone:hey thx for reading and replying!!yeah it was a well sewn shirt and fits me perfectly!!haha keep reading!!