Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Sound Of Silence

When a smile crossed my mind,
I plucked a leaf from a tree,
And so the flower lost its zest,
But the guilt never crossed my mind,
When I ripped the soul of a tree,
As nature don’t mean a thing to me,
Burning a few trees won’t create a scene,
Too many of them are occupying the ground,
Forest lost forever without any sound,
Thousands of forests still left to blink,
Of an eye and the nature disappears,
And so will the humanity one day,
As cutting a few hearts of a few trees,
And drilling a few holes won’t make a scene,
Something that we create, that we cherish,
Nature shall either protect or shall perish,
Plucking a few forests crossed my mind,
Built a concrete wall hid the sun behind,
As the glare of sun was disturbing my senses,
And so I hammered a few nails on my grave,
Built a zoo for the left over’s, and a few fences,
And burned my own miseries with a few trees,
As something that is created has to perish,
Built a bonfire of it, celebrate and cherish,
And so the day I died striped and naked,
Only a white satin left to cover my soul,
As there were no more trees to burn and breathe,
My soul burned to the ground of soulless sheet,
And so dig a few holes and rip a tree apart,
Plucking a few flowers and leaves isn’t that hard,
Find a few forests and burn them to the ground,
And one day nature shall not make any sound.