Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God Never Existed

Versatility defined me from ages,
Progressing from a nonexistent,
Being to someone who existed,
Within the eyes of the people,
Who never got their turn in life,
But found hope and happiness in me,
So I reached far above the sea,
10000 miles of journey accomplished,
A feat that only sounded deceived,
In the eyes of the people who,
Never became what they wanted to be,
Who never actually wanted me to be,
An existing identity but lost within,
The soul and the depth of the sea,
And the oceans swept towards the sky,
And god never really existed within,
But was created by the people who,
Never actually existed but their existence,
Was lost within the crowd of shadows,
And so they hand over their hope,
And happiness to someone who could,
Not actually but certainly sweep over,
The grievances of the people who,
Actually dreamt each and every second,
What life certainly could have been,
If god really answered to their pleads,
I, never believed in the word “Almighty”,
So I never actually lost faith in him,
And it’s only when people loose,
Their faith in the existence of god,
Do they lie awake and go to sleep,
As the dreams seem so pleasing,
When lying awake never actually,
But certainly feels so far-fetched,
This life never actually belonged,
And I never wanted me to be,
What I really wanted to be,
When the “Almighty” was created,
Within the minds of the people,
To add the burden of blame on someone,
Who won’t answer to their pleads,
And I never actually believed in the “Almighty”,
So I never lost the faith in me.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aches To Breathe

Blisters, turmoil’s and tragedies,
Heart forsaken aches to breathe,
Night dwells upon days shouldered,
Claws pierced and clambered beneath,
Chains, wrenches and a few barriers,
Tried to stop the sun in me from rising,
Mighty force of a determined living being,
Dream so powerful, so majestic,
Hell bent wrinkles of earth creaked beneath,
And the earth divided into two pieces,
One where I dwelled, one which I reached,
Crossing miles and miles of barriers within,
Sun within me gleamed and shrieked,
And the pain toppled and tumbled,
Reached to the brim, but I was far,
From going back to my knees, on my feet,
I rose like a phoenix from my own ashes,
And I clambered and pierced my claws within,
Dream tied to a rope never loses its grip,
Like a soul of human being cannot be ripped,
Heart forsaken aches to breathe,
Endless road of a soulless human being,
Eventuality leads to a major calamity,
Disengaging, dislocating, disintegrating,
Heart never tends to seize actuality,
But lies to itself of an incomplete dream,
That never actually existed but ended,
In a tragedy as the breathing,
Never actually unfortunately tends to seize,
Heart forsaken aches to breathe.