Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aches To Breathe

Blisters, turmoil’s and tragedies,
Heart forsaken aches to breathe,
Night dwells upon days shouldered,
Claws pierced and clambered beneath,
Chains, wrenches and a few barriers,
Tried to stop the sun in me from rising,
Mighty force of a determined living being,
Dream so powerful, so majestic,
Hell bent wrinkles of earth creaked beneath,
And the earth divided into two pieces,
One where I dwelled, one which I reached,
Crossing miles and miles of barriers within,
Sun within me gleamed and shrieked,
And the pain toppled and tumbled,
Reached to the brim, but I was far,
From going back to my knees, on my feet,
I rose like a phoenix from my own ashes,
And I clambered and pierced my claws within,
Dream tied to a rope never loses its grip,
Like a soul of human being cannot be ripped,
Heart forsaken aches to breathe,
Endless road of a soulless human being,
Eventuality leads to a major calamity,
Disengaging, dislocating, disintegrating,
Heart never tends to seize actuality,
But lies to itself of an incomplete dream,
That never actually existed but ended,
In a tragedy as the breathing,
Never actually unfortunately tends to seize,
Heart forsaken aches to breathe.

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