Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Not My fault Mother

No one wants me,
Neither hell nor heaven,
Neither the creator,
Not even my mother,
Why am I even here?
What is my purpose?
Am I breathing someone else’s air?
Living his life by myself,
Sharing his prayers,
He died before me,
Is that my fault?
I crave for you,
My mother,
No need to live this life forever,
Hold me in your arms for some time,
My mother,
Please wipe off the tears,
From my eyes with your warm hands,
My mother,
Lie besides your feet,
Let me Rest my head,
I need silence for a while,
My mother,
He keeps crying in my sleep,
Too far from me I can’t reach him,
My mother,
Why don’t you love me mother?
I’m falling, my mother,
Why don’t you save me?
My Mother,
Please look at me for a while,
Please forgive me,
For the fault which I’m unaware,
I’m drowning, my mother,
Why don’t you grab my hand?
My Mother.


  1. "Why am I even here?
    What is my purpose?
    Am I breathing someone else’s air?"

    This really touched my heart.

    This piece is really intriguing. I reminds me of my mom RIP.

    Nice post. keep writing. :)

  2. hey thx for such kind words!!really happy that my poem touched your heart and could remind you of your mom!rip!!keep reading!

  3. this was a nice piece, I like the repitition of 'my mother' No humor like our sim fun, but I like this side of you, ha. I used to write poems all the time, but I guess i gave up at one point, it just wasn't working for me. I write ficiton now,and some memoir stuff, for my classes. It's nice to see someone still writing poetry.

  4. hey thx for taking the time to read my poem and replying!!ohh yea read your blog came to knw that u also write!!!really great to hear!!yea when i write I'm totally serious coz I'm hugely influenced with the works of stephen king.he surely writes some serious depressing stuff!!classes really hep a lot in the development i have never attended any classes thats why my writing is raw!!i concentrate a lot on the content and not on the puncuations!!hehe yea sims is something else isnt it??hey how can i burn my house down in sims hehe and set my sims on fire!!ohh btw!!the child organization took away my second baby and my wife is crying thats why i'm throwing a party lolzzafter that i think i will give her a divorce she is eating my brain!!!hehe keep reading!!!

  5. Haha, man your sim ife sounds awesome. I had to sell back the fire alarm and make her cook something then forget about it and after i fast forwarded for like, ever, she finally caught on fire and the grim reaper came haha

    and thanks for the comments to my page, i read quite a few of your poems and yeah they are raw. i like stuff like that though. and dont worry, even though im a happy person day to day- i still write some depressing stuff too, im not sure why ha. Its just interesting writing that stuff. but actually tommorow i have a short story due in class so i have to write it up tonight, maybe ill post it on my page for everyone to read? ive never done that before cuz i'm a bit self consious but maybe I should venture out there ha.

  6. hey i will also burn my sims house down now!!you should really add all your stories to your blog coz comments of people will help you improve a lot and a good comment will definitely boost your confidence.if you think that wat you have written is good and you are satisfied with your work than post it for sure.i would love to read your work and will definitely add my take on your writings!!waiting for your short story that you are gonna submit in your class!!!again thx for reading my poems!!

  7. That was quite sad.But nice write anyway :)

  8. hey samadrita,

    thx for reading and replying!!your words are valuable!!ya as i have mentioned earlier sadness and all the other dark feelings appeal to me!!keep reading!!

  9. This is one of your better poems. I'm not sure if this has some of your personal touch, because it's moving. :)

  10. hey joemill,

    thx for such kind words.naa its not related to me just an idea for my poem.i write a lot of poems based on the sad phases of life!!keep reading!!

  11. oh God.. that was touching,hope it's not a true living story

  12. hehe no its not a true story.just the imagination of a poet working full scale!!i like the way emotions play a big part in our lives!!thx for such kind words!!keep reading!!