Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Beginning

Her chest heaving and the morning dew,
Sliding from her cheek to her neck,
And the sun setting in the midst,
Too afraid of the glare of her,
And in the spur of the moment,
I kissed her below the morning sunless sky,
And the whole world glowed along,
To play a song of love for me and her,
And the sun and moon arms together,
Watched me and her from behind,
In jealousy that they may never meet again,
And their love won’t be as pure as ours,
Outmatching the clear blue sky long time back,
When I kissed her and she shying away,
Blushing away towards the night sky,
And I stood at the edge of the peak behind,
Shouting to the nature and the trees and sky,
That I may never be the same again ever,
In this life of mine and she may never be,
Away from me as I need a heart to stay alive.


  1. what a descrption of tat prfct kiss.... :) wish it didnt endd so soooon

  2. Now I know what they mean by 'sweeter poetry' :)
    Loved it.

    P.S: You're tagged. Check out my last blog post. It's a pretty interesting one. 'my sins against gender stereotypes'

  3. Gr8.... :) wt an experience to live...