Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Part 1: Eternal love

Tel me now is it true,

I believed in you, you know that don’t you,

You were too good for me so I changed for you,

I would have died for you to tell you the truth,

But the pain that I gained sometimes laughs at me,

My Reflection in the mirror tells me I made a fool of you,

I think this started the day you left me,

A man requires closure to overcome the misery,

Days went by nights were getting longer,

Bond between me and my refection started becoming stronger,

I think it was autumn when it kind of became a daily session,

Me and him staring into each other’s eyes and what I saw was obsession,

My love for you was pure, untouched, and sacred but you acted like a whore,

It was raining that day and I saw you in the arms of my best friend,

I stood there for hours blaming myself for your mistake,

In my 25years of shitty life for the first time I experienced heart break,

Molested, beaten, ignored everywhere and now this added to my pile of disgrace,

Revenge is a strong word can be channeled in many ways,

But I needed an accomplice to complete this task with grace,

Someone who will not ignore me, who will read my thoughts,

Someone who will support me, untie all these knots.

Part 2: Sacrifice

Four days later I and my reflection spent a lovely night together,

Both of us glanced at her, she was sleeping like an angel,

Covered in petals of rose dripped in blood,

My reflection tells me that you were too good for her,

That she left me for someone else was hard to believe.

Part 3: Believe

No one believed when I said that my reflection made me commit this deed,

Police officer beating me up said “son of a bitch I think you smoke too much weed”.

Part 4: Reflection

I believe that reflection is a living thing,

A part of your soul of your inner self that you cannot see,

It feeds on you, unconsciously sets your evil within free,

Wakes up the animal within you sowing seeds of greed,

Some have the power to ignore it to cure the evil within it,

But most of them can smell the blood extending their arms to reach,

To touch the evil to grasp the power unconsciously surrendering themselves to bleed.

Part 5: My belief-1 month later

I thought that reflection was just a part of me,

That I’m solely responsible for the mistakes in my life,

But everyone has to pay in ransom for the mistakes,

Whether committed by them or not doesn’t matter as long as the truth behaves like a shadow,

Of course connected but stays underneath the lies.

Part 6: Asylum

‘Girlfriend killing maniac goes insane’
The health of the person arrested last month for allegedly having killed his girlfriend and presently being in the judicial custody has worsened. He was reported of having developed the abnormal behavior pattern and was under doctor’s watch. Last night his condition deteriorated further and he was shifted to mental asylum hospital for medical treatment. It is reported that he continually uttered the words “it was my reflection”. Psychologists and medical experts are trying to figure out the secret behind this abnormal trait. PTI News

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  1. firstly- a big AAARGH! WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU GIMME YOUR STUFF FOR EDITING?! grammar needs to be corrected. and oh-oh there's a blow at the beginning itself- 'tel me...'. pains my eyes. and some fundamental errors-
    1. maniac means madman. insane means went mad. how can a mad person go mad? and if you search more, maniac even means insane person.
    2. 'mental asylum hospital?' it should be either mental hosp or mental asylum. c'mon man!
    3. for the 2nd time in your poems, you lost track of whether you are narrating in 2nd or 3rd person. take a look at 'part 2' 2nd line.
    but ignoring this stuff(for the nth time!) i liked it. absolutely. your score on my imdb(IM The Boss) meter is 6.7. dark, gritty, stuff is always appealing. and you do a pretty good job of such stuff.
    p.s. i really don't like bringing your flaws out HERE. but then, this needs to be told and otherwise, i tend to forget.