Friday, July 31, 2009


Innocent or guilty either of the two could have changed my life,

But god had already given his verdict long time back,

I still believe in god keeps me one step away from getting insane,

I think lightning has to strike at some place,

Call it bad luck or just coincidence I was standing right there,

Two Life sentences for each murder was the verdict handed over to me,

For some life is full of surprises my quota of surprises ended that day for me.

Ten years have gone by this place is like a home to me,

No luxuries or comfort in here just a couple of friends to meet,

Sometimes we just sit together for hours in silence,

Thinking what it would be like to watch the sunset sitting on the beach,

Having a couple of chilled beers feeling the evening breeze,

Other times I just lean against the wall watching my friends smile,

Makes me forget that I’m confined within these walls for a while,

Sometimes I think that in my past life I would have committed a heinous crime,

God took his time and waited for another life to bring down his wrath,

My friend tells me past or present a man knows within the depths of his heart,

That he is an innocent man just found at the wrong place at the wrong time,

I think he is a good man not innocent but who the hell is innocent in this world,

It’s just that we are separated from the rest so that the guilt dies within them,

Making them feel like an innocent man.

Thirty years have gone by my friend died in his cell some time back,

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about him,

Many say that clock in jail takes its own time,

Each day feels like a life sentence time takes its own time to move by.

Watching the birds fly outside my cell window I feel like a free man,

I do hope that they will set me free someday wings withered,

But I will still try to feel the morning breeze flying as far as I can,

It would be lonely without my friend but I think he would be happy for me,

I will sit under the oak tree for hours watching the sunshine penetrating the leaves,

Touching the surface of my skin and that warmth making me feel like an innocent man,

I think life is tough for others and hell for some,

But I think as long as the hope within them remains ignited,

It will give them warmth sure time will take its time,

But end of the day hope will make you feel like an innocent man.

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