Monday, August 3, 2009

Heart Snatcher:The Series Part I

Look into your heart and tell me what you see,

Is it shattered, broken, aching to be free?

Rest in peace my friend it’s time to get deceived,

They call me’ the heart snatcher’ found in the depths of your dreams,

I’ll make sure that you wiggle, toss, turn, cry when you sleep,

I’m the one, who ejects misery in your heart making it crumble to pieces,

Shimmering streams of gold running through your veins,

Choking all your senses till your last breathe seizes.

I was born from the remains of my own body,

Resurrecting like a phoenix betraying the rules of the almighty,

My body was purely made of hatred, revenge and animosity,

I was born without a heart again betraying the rules of a normal human body,

I died the minute I was born, burned down left to rot with the remains of the unholy ground,

Born, died and again rose from the ashes to break the unwritten laws of nature,

I rip their hearts out leave their souls to wander, they call me ‘the heart snatcher’.

To Be Continued.....

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