Thursday, August 27, 2009

Work Of A Genious

He could touch the souls of people by his mind and tell whether it was black or white. He never gave any reasons, no elaborate answers just black or white. I still don’t know why people use to go there and why did I go in the first place but the truth is not a day goes by when I don’t regret my decision. Some memories become hazy with time but this was not an ordinary memory. It didn’t bring any change; hell you can say it destroyed me forever.
White was the word that came out of his mouth. I asked him again, told him that I think he made a mistake. He didn’t say anything not even a single word. I knew just looking into his eyes that this was his final answer and that you should leave him alone and never comeback. I never came back.
There was no need to come back. This was the last time he gave his verdict to anyone. I killed him. He laid there covered in his own dirty blood. His eyes were still open and they were looking at me. Still the answer was white. I stabbed him again and again and again. The answer never changed. It never will.
In my 40 years of life I committed not even a single crime. I was a good son, husband and a father. Never tried smoking, drinking, gambling to the point where I went bankrupt to help my relatives.
I worked hard. Each and every hour of my college life was dedicated to just one thing. I wanted to become a pilot. I wanted to touch the sky free like a bird. I could never become one. Dream once shattered cannot be fulfilled again. So I killed him. There was no relation between me killing him and not able to fulfill my dream. I thought why not give the black soul a try.

“Don’t kill a man. Kill his dream. He won’t die but there would be suffering for life”


  1. Very well written story though found it a bit too sinister.
    Can be interpreted as he wants to blame his black soul for the reason of his dream not getting fulfilled.
    Just shows that doing or not doing good deeds has nothing to do with your dreams getting fulfilled.

  2. ah! better! though the title- work of a GENIOUS? what's so 'geniuos' in that?