Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stapler Bound

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack. He was a complete psycho case from the word go. At the age of 11 he shoved a pencil down his classmate’s ass so far that it took 2 nurses and 3 doctors to extract that sucker out. That day onwards the whole school started calling him as ‘jacko cracko’. When the principal inquired that why he performed such an act just three words came out of his mouth “he told me, “Which made no sense at all. He was suspended for fifteen days and a black mark for life. Student kept referring to him as ‘jacko cracko’ but only behind his back. No one even dared to call him that even if he was just passing by from the other side of the school.
Stapler bound elementary school was kind of one of those money making organizations where there top priority was to teach the children the least and absorb each and every penny from their parents till they turn bankrupt and shift to a public school. It looked more like a haunted even during the day time. It was covered with long branches from top to bottom as the botany department was situated on the roof. Gate leading to the roof was out of bounds. But locks had always been like a knife cutting through butter for jack. He use to always come at night and just stand at the edge of the roof with both hands outstretched as if asking someone to embrace him, take him in her arms so that he could feel the warmth of a body.
The ‘ass shoving’ day was just the beginning to something far more destructive then a boy’s two hole ass. Everyone thought that the fifteen days suspension acted like a miracle changing period for jack. He was always mesmerized in his thoughts. But it was not a confused 11 year old's look which always rounds up to that puberty period where suddenly hair starts to grow as branches of trees and irritating girls start to look more like angels transported to earth just now by god. There was something else in his eyes as if working on a plan trying to arrange the pieces of a puzzle. Sometime later in the year when winter arrived and not for ever but for some time turned that haunted mansion into something that looked more like a place inhabited by the elf’s of Santa Claus something happened that turned the knob of attention back to jack. Even after so many years students still talk about that day but in whispers as if it is bound to a curse if someone says aloud then he too would go insane. It was so cold that day that even the Eskimos would have died of freezing. But as the students of stapler bound elementary school were always high they thought that it was because of that new sandalwood pipe which was sold to everyone by our very own dumb as hell jock jimmy Moore. jimmy was one of those guys who’s parents didn’t give a shit about their child and encouraged him to take drugs as they too were drug dealers and thought why not expand their business to the school level also after all who doesn’t like marijuana. Jimmy at 6”5 was huge and kinder garden students thought that he ran a factory of chests on his body. But he was not one of those I-will-kick-your-ass-for-no-reason types. He just minded his own business never attended any classes and sold drugs at premium costs and no theft in the quantity. Overall yeah you can say that he was a goner and would die of overdose someday in a lousy “10x15” apartment alone. But he was kind hearted and sold exceptionally miraculous marijuana. He went insane that very Christmas.

To Be Continued.....

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