Friday, August 7, 2009

In The Name Of JESUS

People say praying helps you, heals all your pains,

Even if you have raped someone praying clears all your stains,

Drenched in blood take the blessings of the mighty lord,

Commit every damn crime in the world and wash your hands in the name of the lord,

One hand carrying bible and the other hand performing all the atrocities shoved behind,

Wash your hands in front of the almighty; they think that lord stopped minding long time back,

I don’t think heaven or hell exists because hell would have overflowed by now,

God switched the name plate of hell and earth as hell looked more like heaven when compared to earth,

War, suffering, hatred, misery trigger atom bombs burn each other out,

Kill each and every person turn yourself to dust till there’s silence no one else remaining to shout,

People say natural calamity would be the cause when doomsday arrives,

I think people brought their own end when the river of greed started running through their veins,

I think when god created this universe he took his time, sacrificed everything that he had,

But human beings find joy in destroying something beautiful labeling it as god’s work,

He didn’t create anything after this,

I think he went blind long time back.


  1. Aweezz dis one is really veryy gooddd :)
    like the concept...... :)